They mar the body, Its beauty stands annihilated, evidently. Floggings, beatings, hangings, by the guillotine. The heads, crowning With thorns and roses. And blood circulates, With heme, it cooperates, in coagulates.   The flesh, perfects, human nature As globins conform, to a new curvature. The spirit, transcends life – Time. Together, they form a unity: […]

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La Nature

  The lion powerfully runs its prey, The small lamb found to be astray, An hibiscus vivified by radiant ray, An elephant child in constant play.     Oak trees tell stories of squirrels, Cocks vie regularly in quarrels, On terrain, tigers test their mettle, Crocodiles stare in lethal battle.     A honey bee […]

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Quo Vadis?

  I should have listened to the dream, Joy and Peace were here, it seemed. Years living in the powerful Stream, Reality was to fall apart at the seams.       Was there a prophecy for this fall? How to make a sense of this all? A face stricken by the Mighty All? Words […]

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