The Annunciation

Mary Will Confide Her Vow to the Spouse God Will Give Her. 3rd September 1944.   What a terrible night! It seemed that the demons were raiding the world. Cannon shots, thunder and lightning, dangers, fears, the suffering because I was lying on a bed which was not mine. And in the middle of all […]

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Eternity and the Stars

INTRODUCTORY NOTE–– The following Dictations from Christ were recorded by the contemporary Italian mystic, Maria Valtorta [1897 – 1961†], on the dates indicated, and are conflated here and translated from the critical Italian edition of her I Quaderni del 1944 1 [“Notebooks for 1944”]. As a victim united to the one Victim, Christ, Valtorta often […]

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The Resurrection

The Resurrection. 1st April 1945. 1 I see again the joyful and powerful Resurrection of Christ. In the kitchen garden all is silent and glittering with dew. Above it the sky is becoming a clearer and clearer sapphire shade, after leaving its dark-blue hue studded with stars, that through the whole night had watched over […]

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