Negation: Chapter XV

Chapter XV – The Beast At the consummation of time, the red Dragon, the fallen angel Lucifer, wielding unlimited power, creates a Son – thereby originating a Trinitarian operation – borne in its evil nature that lives its existence of absolute pride and complete hate. The infernal imitator, Satan, begets a Beast that bears dominion […]

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Negation: Chapter V

Chapter V – Spiritus Mundi: Babylon “Accordingly, two cities have been formed by two loves: the earthly by the love of self, even to the contempt of God; the heavenly by the love of God, even to the contempt of self.” – City of God, Book XIV Chapter 28, St. Augustine The Christian religious world […]

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Negation: Chapter IV

Chapter IV – The Redemption Original Sin introduced the privation of friendship and communion with the Divinity. After Adam and Eve were chased out of Eden, enmity, conflict, injustice and chaos entered the material Creation and the human society. To the Fall of the First Parents was joined the Proto-Gospel, the promise of the Redeemer […]

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