The Will to Power: the Superman

  In┬áSuperman Unchained, a comic book series written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by DC Comics Co-Publisher Jim Lee, Superman is put face to face, with the power of technology, as he faces the enmity of an international terrorist group called Ascension and a secret military covert operations called the Machine, helmed by Sam Lane, […]

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The Will to Power

The will to power extends beyond the mechanistic fiction of science. In fact, it establishes the foundation of all life: which is to spread its good and extend its power over a kingdom. Life is will to power, in that sense, it is the will to dominate and attain to omnipotence. The will to power, […]

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The Star In the Word

Once upon a time, there was a Star that shone bright. It was curious, jovial, infantile, and adventurous. One day, admiring the vast expanse of the universe she elected to go on a journey of discovery in order to measure its breadth, its length, and its height. She embarked on the voyage that she thought […]

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