The Kingdom of Peace

The aspiration for peace, is one that has been part of humanity since the beginning. The realization of war, and the consciousness of the tragedy of the human condition, has maintained within the human heart, the desire for rest, for peace, for reconciliation and tranquility. The season of advent for all its apocalyptic orientation, is […]

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Be Not Afraid!

Christianity, appears obsessed with the end of the world, a fascination for the catastrophe of civilization, and a certain cultural suicide. In some respects, such a concern is justified by the apostasy of a world that is oblivious to religious truth and that continually conceives faith, preaching, in fact, as a hostile power that holds […]

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The period of beginning

At present, humanity appears dominated by the dread of the catastrophe of civilization, that Apocalyptic conflagration of all things spoken of in the last book of the Bible. The media, print, visual, and digital seem to constantly reflect this fascination of a cultural suicide, an abortion of the process of historical progress begun since the […]

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