The Christian message is good news

Christianity, presents as the religion of a certain humanism, of an anthropology that respects man in his animal nature, his moral order, and his spiritual dimension. It lays a claim, to a visible universality, to that power of elevating the human person, to the realm of the Divinity – man, in the saint, appears divinized, […]

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Heroism and Holy Sorrow

Heroism demands a trial of the moral fibers of the heart, for it is a prerogative of the Divine Right who tests man and educates him into a creature fit for a kingdom. The human condition is inherently, a tragedy, a theatre of life filled with an admixture of tears and consolation, of suffering and […]

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The winds of change…

The Christian faith, demands an openness, to change and progress. Abraham, the father of the monotheistic faiths, departed his land upon the Divine order, for Canaan, which according to the Promise, his descendance would inherit. The Divine promise, was to make of Abraham, a great nation (Genesis 12:1). The life of Abraham, is that of […]

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