This Blog: Verbum

Humanity at present, is at a crossroads, as it is faced with the question of progress and in relation, of civilization: How does man go about realizing the highest aspirations of the human heart confronted at the same time, with a world that appears oblivious to the most fundamental questions of the human existence?

This blog, presents the opportunity to illumine the problems that the human race is facing and propose avenues of reconciliation for the human family, faced with the central questions of the place of religion in human society and of the relation of the human community to the natural world. Is man, fated with a conflict with nature, society, and God, as he advances in knowledge and in his domination on his environment?

The Catholic religion proposes for human belief, the possibility of a true humanism, of an ecology of man, that appeals to the animal nature, the moral order, and the spiritual dimension of the human person. It is at present, the sole force capable of steering the forces of progress active within human culture, towards the realization of a civilization of Peace. Only by an adherence to the wisdom of the Church, a belief in the infallibility of the Popes, is it possible to hold back the forces that make for cultural chaos and social decay.

In the end, prayer, the life of religion, and the intellectual life are the most adequate remedies to the problems that humanity is facing, centrally of which, is the totalitarian temptation which menaces humanity with a dark cloud of nonfaith and discord.

Man, must be true to his destiny!