The Atom

“The Creation of Adam”, Michelangelo Buonarroti, 1508-1512.

The atom, presents with the fact of matter. Natural science, has succeeded, in formulating a theory of the natural world, that conceives reality in terms of its most fundamental constituents. It is essentially, a consequence of the materialist world view, that conceives nature only in terms of matter and energy, that is, only in terms of its empirical reality. Natural science, confines the human mind to that which is observable, leaving to the unknown that which is spiritual and supernatural, that is, the invisible world. It is in effect, an atheism in practice, a continuation of the historical development of Deism, that understands the world, as a universe of mechanistic laws operating without the impetus of Divine Providence. Naturalism, is the heir of Deism, and figures as a pretense for atheism; in truth, its organizing intellectual force, for it advocates for a complete consideration of reality only within the causality experienced within the universe, leaving aside, thus, eternity and an afterlife. The belief, the certainty, in the existence in an immortal soul, is, in fact, one of the greatest discoveries in the history of human race, for it represents the truth of man, of his uniqueness, and of his vocation within Creation. The naturalist thesis, does away with such an antiquated notion, substituting the biochemical activity of the cell – found in the conversion of matter into energy – for the existence of this spiritual substance. In the end, human culture and co-existence are impoverished, man is struck, with the curse of nonfaith, the suicidal belief in atheism, the social decay of the family, religion, and the community.

Democratic ideology, plays an important part, in the contemporary comprehension of the world. Today, there subsists the permanence of a world, where culture is no longer accepted as a common, vital, and human activity but rather, as an expression of the individual preference, of the self, isolated from society. Hence, it is incumbent to restore a more humane anthropology, a more comprehensive view of the world, and of man, that can encompass the totality of the human experience and elevate the human person to a higher form of life. In the final analysis, the human person remains a blessed creature, that, endowed with body and soul, spirit and flesh, can change with Divine assistance the course of history and direct progress towards new paths of the future.


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