The spiritual life and the contemplative charism

“Pentecost”, Jean II Restout, 1732.

The spiritual life and the contemplative charism should be conducive to learning and teaching, that is, the intellectual life. Prayer serves the disposition to scholarship and is to be cultivated, in order to ascend spiritually.

Mysticism, is merely the spiritual love of God and the union with the Divinity. Love implies knowledge and in fact, wisdom, an act that is imbued in all its aspects with the Power of God.

In order to fulfill the demands of the mystic art, it is necessary to purify thought and action; affection, reason, and body. The harmony between the body and the soul, is the necessary development in the healthy mystical life.

The maturation of the contemplative charism demands a certain affection for community, for the life of society, for a concern of a greater universality; in truth, a necessity of personality. The unity of faith and life, their fusion, brings ample fruits to the mystic art. Those activities that contribute to the mystical life are prayer, health, and study; and a certain disposition to achieve a balance between the self, nature, and God. Nature, is particularly of importance, since it orders the human person towards good and in a sense, a consideration of virtue as the measure of life. The proper orientation of the mystic art, is in a certain sense, the development of an aesthetic, an artistic consideration for life in society and of the power to evolve culture according to reason, to art, to nature. One must always respect the life of nature, as the authentic expression of true humanism.

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