Heroism and Holy Sorrow

“Domine, quo vadis?”, Annibale Carraci, 1601-1602

Heroism demands a trial of the moral fibers of the heart, for it is a prerogative of the Divine Right who tests man and educates him into a creature fit for a kingdom. The human condition is inherently, a tragedy, a theatre of life filled with an admixture of tears and consolation, of suffering and joy, of failures and success, of good and of evil, of light and of darkness. In the night that enrapts the human condition, shines the light of the blessedness; behind the stars that guide the traveler at night lies destiny that fills the human prayer with hope, with an anticipation of the recompense of eternity, where dwells happiness and perfection. The human condition consists, chiefly in the reconciliation of destiny with the tragedy of suffering, the toil of labor, the anxiety of the world. There is no soul, no human person that does not experience, in his marrow, the suffering of life, the anxiety of sorrow, that finally anticipates a certain consolation, for in this life, suffering is always mixed with consolation, in the sense that, justice encounters mercy. The Son of God, Himself, wedded poverty, suffering, and sorrow, and a certain misery was His lot, for He meant to suffer and to obey, in order to redeem man.

There is greatness in sorrow, in that power that in grace, transfigures the traits of the human person. Sorrow, is the lot of the co-redeemers, in fact, holy sorrow, is the power through which man becomes divine and attains to a certain omnipotence, for suffering is a balm that opens the Heart of God and is a prayer that grants salvation to the believer. Pray for holy sorrow, be its child, its daughter, its son, its friend and live by the precept of a charity that knows no limit, for it is infinite. The man who welcomes suffering, is the one who is wise, for he knows in his flesh, the meaning of the human condition, the truth of man: man is an image of God, who praises with his being, the infinitude of the Divinity and venerates in his suffering the poem of life, the temple of creation, the reality of Heaven.

Holy sorrow, is the consolation of man, for through it, man aspires to the heights of spirituality, of mysticism, of that power that exercises an irresistible attraction on the human person, in the ardent fires of the Trinity.

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