The Will to Power

“Superman Unchained #1”, Jim Lee and Scott Snyder, June 2013.

The will to power extends beyond the mechanistic fiction of science. In fact, it establishes the foundation of all life: which is to spread its good and extend its power over a kingdom. Life is will to power, in that sense, it is the will to dominate and attain to omnipotence.

The will to power, is inherently, fantasy; it presents the power of an evolution, of a manifestation of an erotic desire, a pathos, that demands to conquer and be the finality of reality. The will to power, is the finality of the process of fantasy, from imagination, it derives its justification; fiction, is the realm where power is exercised in the creation of a multiverse, that, forms the substance of adventure.

There is no will to power, without adventure. Hence, to will power, is to be a fictional self, one driven by destiny, by a thirst for adventure, by a purpose for evolution, by the desire to transcend the realm of life into fantasy. The truth resides, in fact, in the heart of the battle, in the struggle, in that dimension of life, that tests the fibers of the heart, that forms character and that achieves in its conquest, its ultimate end: power!

To seek power, then, is noble, though, it is a temptation for nihilism, for the desire to realize the annihilation of life, and of time. Seek power, in honesty, with a desire for adventure, for transcendence, for creation; seek power, in order to transform life into fantasy, to transmute reality into fiction, and make the impossible, a reality.



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