The divine liturgy is the sabbath rest

“Adam and Eve”, Peter Paul Rubens

There is one known fact, that, the modern life finds its center in business, that is, in material gain and economic profit. Man, lives in order to make money and live a life of dissipation. The problem that modern man faces, is that human life is becoming interpreted by technology, by an act, that in fact, appears to possess human thought and imbue it with the calculations of the machine – this marks a progression, from the erotic soul that is passionate and lives for the present moment to the bourgeois and mechanical soul with its spirit of calculation and its concern for private interest.

Evidently, there persists within society, the abandon of nature and of its rhythm, of its design and of its measure for the artificial life of technology, that seems, everyday, to dehumanize man, now incapable of loving in authenticity. The proximate reason for this development, lies in the progress of the Capitalist ethos and of the diffusion of its mentality; it has resulted in a population that conceives life as a number, a quantity to be measured and exploited for private gain, disseminating the thought of bourgeois culture with its worry for money and industry – because of the Capitalist normative belief, there has occurred a displacement of the rhythm of nature from human life, found in the central act of religious belief: the Divine Liturgy. The Divine Liturgy, inserts itself, in fact, in the cycle of nature, in that rotation between the cosmic powers of Life and Death, that places at its center, the power of sacrifice, inherent to religion in order to placate supernatural power in its anger and gain the favor of blessing. It is in fact, a Divine mandate, that, a day of the week, should be set aside for the rest of creation and of man, solely, for the purpose of adoration and reflection: this is the sabbath rest. Its cosmic origin, is evident enough, since, it concludes the term of the Creation week, of six days, at the conclusion of which, God rested from his work and judged it good. To participate in this sabbath rest, is to sustain the goodness of the universe. It is for that fact, a perpetuation of the natural law, a power that maintains nature and preserves order in the universe.

The sabbath rest is part of the Divine economy of creation: a pedagogy that teaches man on the care of creation, a care for man, a care for God. From this day, man derives the power that moves him, setting his heart aflame and consoling him in his trial of faith. The Divine Liturgy, is an offering, of bread and wine, that elevates the cycle of nature into a religious act, fulfilling the mystery prefigured in the nature religions, revealing in fact, that, Heaven and Earth commune in agriculture, in farming, in the offering of the fruits of the Earth, in the transubstantiation of life into the substance of the Logos.

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