Be Not Afraid!

Raphael, “The School of Athens”, 1509-1511.

Christianity, appears obsessed with the end of the world, a fascination for the catastrophe of civilization, and a certain cultural suicide. In some respects, such a concern is justified by the apostasy of a world that is oblivious to religious truth and that continually conceives faith, preaching, in fact, as a hostile power that holds back the forces of progress – but true progress, is encountered in the genius of art and the wisdom of culture, in that reality that respects the transcendent value of the human person and that respects his dignity in his entirety.

In the estimations of prophecy, however, the age that dawns is that of Peace, for the Church and the world, where the light of Roman Catholicism shines as a beacon of hope in a world recovering from the darkness of error, and the disunity of division. There is a certain universality in the Christian message, that baptizes the brother with the theological virtue of faith and that fills his heart with love, a love that, in truth, remarkably transfigures humanity and makes human co-existence possible. Hence, it is necessary to conceive history beyond the fatalism of its war and see the possibility of peace, of a lasting peace; a new beginning, in fact, that allows for the human race to live according to the ideal of the spirit, in a civilization of reason, according to the Incarnate Word.

Only by divesting the thought of the human heart from its apocalyptic dread, is it possible to enter the coming age with the sense of optimism that is requisite for its progress to finally conquer the human disaffection for the other, and the learned antipathy for difference, an anti-social element, in fact, that is the fruit of a fear and of a dread for the future, for history, for temporal life. Contemporary man, exists in a spiritual vacuum, an existential crisis in which, spiritual values and moral truth remain uncertain. It is possible to recover a sense of purpose, by the adherence to the Incarnation, as the mystery that moves life and that infuses the designs of the Trinity into human existence. Man, is a favored creature, but he must learn to love, to know, in order to be wise and guide himself in the psychological maturity of the adult.

When our spiritual eyes are opened, we become convinced of the truth, of the reality, that in truth, there is nothing to fear: man is not doomed to repeat the failures of his past, and through adaptation, can actually evolve and learn from the wisdom of humanity, on how to conduct civilization, a path by which man travels to his final destination – eternity.

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