The Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament is the Antidote to the Catholic Church’s Crisis

“Disputa”, Rafael, 1509 to 1510.

There is no question, that, the Catholic Church is traversing through a profound crisis, that threatens its identity, and its authenticity. The clerical sex abuse is, in truth, the symptom of a deep malady, a manifestation of the cultural apathy that possesses the Church and that paralyzes its inner life. The Church, is in its essence, charity – it proposes the message of a love that presses to the end; a charity, in fact, of the strong for the weak, the vulnerable, and the oppressed; a charity, that is at the same time personal and social, and communal. From charity, the Church derives its universal mission, which is to incorporate into the fold of the elect, all those elements of culture that are alive, in order to realize the redemption of the human species and serve towards, the renovation of all things.

The Church, is in dire need of life, of a power that transforms it and that arms with the reasons of grace, the virtue of charity, the certainty of faith, the anticipation of hope, the strength of religion and the genius, of culture. The problem that the Church faces, is that, it has been relegated to its own ghetto, as the world increasingly drowns out its powerful voice and limits the vital space of its social life. The antidote, to the problems of the Church lies, in a simple remedy, a timeless medicine, an eternal art, that incarnates in its presence, the power of God and the reality of the Church: the benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Prayer, is the oil that nourishes the flame of faith, a means for elevation, a vehicle to realize the unity to the Divine; there is no greater prayer, for that fact, than that of adoration, of that benediction that recognizes in the Blessed Sacrament, the center of unity of the Roman Church, the source of its inherent vision, and the spiritual motor of the faith. The Eucharist, in its Incarnation, unites Heaven and Earth, Eternity and Time, and weds Christ to His Church. The benediction of the Blessed Sacrament is the clearest response to the question that religious apostasy poses for belief: “I do not believe.” In its agnosticism, modern civilization, is becoming moribund, in a spiritual apathy, a malaise, a boredom, an “ennui” that is particularly evident in anti-social behavior and the destructive centrifugal force of private interest. The certainty is that, by extolling and proclaiming the Blessed Sacrament, the Catholic Church can find new life, a Renaissance of sort, that operates the Baptism that cancels the rampant apostasy.

Adoration figures as the perfect prayer, the theater of theological reflection, where arises the seminal Verbum, the seeds to form cultural life and vitally impart a rhythm that eases the tension of life and grants a novel outlook, a consolation, an art of life, learned at the school of Christianity. The school of Christianity, is eminently spiritual, that is, mystical; it values the spiritual dimension as the means to operate the salvation of the human community and of the human person – man is loved by God, he is a chosen creature, an elect who encounters in the benediction of the Blessed Sacrament the medicine for the pain of life, the conflict of suffering, the tension of the trial, in the heroism of the temporal life, he experiences the school that teaches him, the value of adoration, of a contemplation that is foremost, spiritual, expecting nothing in return, but the loving gaze of the Beloved.

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