Ecce Homo

“Ecce Homo”, Antonio Ciseri, ca. 1860 and ca. 1880


Increasingly, there is a growing intolerance in the world, an intolerance for religious truth, for a claim that would transcend temporal life and propose to re-fashion society according to the wider unity of faith; for, what is the world seeking, but its own unity – how then, is such unity realized without the message of universality that inspired its civilization, arming progress with the impetus to reform the world, and re-discovering with humanism, the timeless heritage of Antiquity?
Is the unity of the world, possible, without the salvific message of Christ, without the uniting presence of the Catholic Church, without reference to a patrimony of Wisdom that spans two thousand years and that has accompanied human culture on its path to civilization? The answer to this question, is simply difficult. It demands an honest examination of post-modernity, a reflection on its true origin and a direct revelation of its purpose. In this regard, it is to be asked: What is the impetus, the faith of the modern world? It could be stated that it is faith in progress, or perhaps, more particularly, a faith in man; or better yet, a desire to emancipate man to a higher station and overthrow the whole Divine order of civilization. Is this, not, in truth, that which has been happening since the emergence of modernity, since that time of the Renaissance? Man has grown increasingly disaffected with the life of religion concentrating on the experience of nature, producing uncharacteristically and quite contradictorily, an order of life that directly, and definitely, contradicts the rhythm of nature: an artificial world, where, the human creature disappears, baptized by the partisans of naturalism, as an evolved animal, with no transcendent dignity, no spiritual soul, limited and bound by society as a number in an over-arching mechanism that controls thought and that, in the illusion of freedom, forms him merely as a consumer, to realize the Communist dream where man is defined solely by his economic place, his economic function – in contraposition, with his religious function, which is his true station in the cosmic hierarchy – this, in fact, is the destiny of a world that in its desire for progress and science apart from divine revelation and wisdom has ended up realizing a monstrosity, a Beast, that no longer knows what Beauty truly is – for, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” – but has traded his elect place for a plate of lentils, bartering his divine heritage for a momentary experience of pleasure.
The more appropriate question to be asked, is whether, the world is good; whether, in fact, in the developed world, secular education is forming human beings that are compenetrated with the heritage, the tradition of wisdom – is man, truly fulfilling his station, to be, homo sapiens, “the wise man”?
At the origin, of the modern enterprise, is the discovery of nature, the affirmation of the rights of man and of the temporal sphere. It is possible, to re-infuse this humanism into modern life, to dispel the ghost of stress and neurosis, if modern life, adopts a more natural rhythm, one where, time is less quantified and more qualified; where, human life operates according to the rhythm of nature, which, quite frankly, is a religious comprehension of life, which in the best tradition whether Catholic, or Confucian, or Buddhist, conceives life as an order that ought to imitate a more permanent reality and where, the natural world in its rhythm, participates of an order, a cycle of life and of death, that ought to be respected, and not simply, experimented upon and used for the purpose of an order of life, that appears, destructive of the cosmic laws, forming a world where even the magnetic poles of Good and Evil are inverted, and where life, is treated as a commodity, in direct antithesis to the discovery of the political rights of nature, whose discovery and affirmation, ought to produce, a more just world, and not an Anti-Christian one.

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