“Consequences of war”, Peter Paul Rubens, 1638-1639.

War, is the psychological need for violence, an erotic desire of domination based on the imposition of one’s will over the wills of others. In fact, it can be stated that war, is the overarching pattern in human history, its most powerful force, and the soul, in fact, of human history. From the day, that man first killed man in Cain and Abel, man has learned the reality of hate, the contrary of love, and has been acquainted with the sorcerous madness of evil; war, is the romantic desire for Death, for a liberation of a condition of tragedy and misery, drama and conflict, it seeks to resolve the tension of life, through the submission of the human person to a power of destruction that lays waste to human societies and breeds on horror.

The history of man, is the history of the conquest of the weak by the strong, the assertion of the will to power, the sorcerous madness of hate and the delirious eroticism of wills possessed by the desire for violence. In reality, history is animated by a higher form of warfare: a supernatural one, that places at the center the will of the human person, and where the allegiance to Good or Evil, depends ultimately on the spiritual decisions of the human person. The glorification of war, is in its essence, a Romanticism of blood, where the human people express their love for the human condition and their desire to defend life at all costs by taking side in a virulent confrontation. When humanity no longer experiences in its blood, that sempiternal desire for blood, that blood lust, it will have arrived at true psychological maturity and spiritual perfection found in the domestication of the tension of life and the discipline of the passions of the soul, that often lead man to a path paved with suffering, damnation, and misery.

In modern times, man has refined his techniques of warfare; no longer, is war confined to the battle field, rather, whole nations are swept by its power of sorcery, by its virulent strife, severed in its nerves by a power that now dwarfs any seen in the continuum of human history. The contemporary age is one in which, man has revealed in his mastery of science and his domination of his natural environment, to reduce civilization to ash and to lay destruction in a sea of fire that is the object of the cinema and its fascination with the catastrophe of civilization. Man hates man, because, man has forgotten God and his obligation of charity towards God and neighbor. Modern warfare is inherently a sophisticated technique of elimination and paralysis that seeks to completely control natural resources and the cultural patrimony of nations in order to further the goals of the engineers of world power, the master dominators of the globe that pose as its financial benefactors. Today, war is a lucrative business, an industry that literally deals chaos within nations in terms of number – in essence, a game of numbers.

War, reveals the inclination towards Death, and it can be stated that without the existence of Death there would be no war, for man would not hate man because of his mortality and misery. The problem of the peace of humanity, is an urgent question of civilization that appears left to diplomacy when in fact the individual person presents as an agent that is capable of realizing a change within society through his militancy. Peace is made possible only when man has arrived at maturity, at the domestication of his nature, at the realization of the necessity of adhering to the force of reason as opposed to the power of chaos in order to assure the place of the future for the benefit of civilization.

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