The Word


Stories are forms that punctuate literature encountered in the tale of conflict, passion and love for existence. From the concept story comes the existence of the multiverse, that source of possibility that incarnates in the page, the canvas of space, the chapters that constitute life. Art is supernatural power, that forms in its design, a universe in evolution in which the Story of the Word is imprinted on the marrow of existence, in a feat that is a grand display of Omnipotence that dominates the contradictory forces of life – positive and negative, Light and Darkness, being and non-being. Art is a synthesis of contradiction, a union of opposites that in its creation gives shape to the wonderment of Beauty: the cosmos, itself, a reflection of a Divine Principle, the Word. The cosmos is a vast reservoir of the Story that is the Word in a theater of adventure that moves in destiny, the infinite potential of the fictional self oriented towards the goodness that is reason, that power that unites in sensible reality, the material world with the spiritual realm.


In the jubilant dance of atoms, in the gyration of galaxies, in the luminescence of stars and in the spectacle of constellations shines the imagination of the aether that incarnates in its substance, the pearls of the Word, Imagination of the cosmos and end of all adventure. In the Word, art encounters the friendship of poetry, words jubilate telling together the stories of their formation, the song of their vibration, the harmony of their voices. The Voice resonates in the constitution of the cosmos, hurling forth its love for Life, its adoration of the Word that reveals the mystery hidden from time immemorial within the bosom of the cosmos: that the concept story is the will to power, of a power that is divine and that seeks to elevate the creature to the reasonable state, as the spirit transcends materiality and the temporal condition into an Eternity that loves, that knows, that comprehends!


The cosmos is a universe whose breadth, length, height, and width are infinity – indeed, the cosmos is a vast expanse of the Infinite that measures in the infinite particles that compose its mosaic, God Himself! From the cosmos comes the wonder of the imagination, that power that transfigures the human condition and that is a power of artistic creation, for Yahweh, creates in art through imagination, through a Thought that ends in the glory of Yehoshua, the Incarnate Word. The Word, is expressive of creatures, of Creation, of Reality and the entirety of Creation is seen in that Image that is the Word. To love the Word, is to love the cosmos, to love the universe and to attempt to comprehend in its entirety the sublimity that is the theater of adventure: a cosmic dance of love that in religious faith constitutes the cosmos as the Temple of the Word; in the primordial Fiat, is created light, that power that infuses the existence of God into the universe and reminds in the permanence of the Day of the Goodness that is God. The existence of God! The Word as the cosmos! The Story that is the Word!


In the contemplation of the cosmos, is found the purpose of human life, an adventure that takes its starting point from predestination and that is destined for the stars, for the bodies that punctuate space, for the galaxies, the constellations, the comets, and the asteroids, a sidereal chorus that sings the glories of the Word, for they are the Word. The Word is God that incarnates Himself in the visible Creation and that lives among His People. It is the God that imagines, that learns, that loves, that prays, that reasons, that comprehends and that adores the Divinity. The cosmos has received the Divine imprint, a marvel of artistic creation that constitutes the wealth of the Word; that the Word is rich, is found in the God that forms out of nothing – ex nihilo – the chaos then the sensible Creation under a ray of light and in the power of obedience of the Incarnate Word – Jesus. There is no error in contemplating the cosmos as the Word for though He is Divine, He also unites with the visible world since being the Word He is a Story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. Hence, the cosmos tells the Story of the Word, it sings the praises of the Creator, it is a Temple that adores the Trinity revealing in its luminescence the Truth.


The Word is a Story of paradox, of an embrace of suffering that produces a mystical Rose, a spiritual balm that consoles the creature in the tragedy of its condition and that elevates the person to the Divinity in a spirit of adoration. The cosmos, can be termed, the allegorical Word since the Story is in its essence an allegory that narrates the Love that the Father has for His Son, and the term of that union in the Holy Spirit. Indeed, this is the essence of the Story: Love!

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