The Star In the Word


Once upon a time, there was a Star that shone bright. It was curious, jovial, infantile, and adventurous. One day, admiring the vast expanse of the universe she elected to go on a journey of discovery in order to measure its breadth, its length, and its height. She embarked on the voyage that she thought would take billions of light years to complete. The Star journeyed far, for millions of years and saw the immensity of the cosmos. On her way, she encountered a man that shone with a galaxy on his forehead and who was walking. Here is their conversation:

The Star: “I greet you Man, where are You going?”

The Man: “We are on different paths. You are going straight ahead of you, and I am going to the right.”

The Star: “May I know Your Name?”

The Man: “You may not know My Name for it is a secret that must remain hidden.”

The Star: “Man, You are beautiful and Your Head shines bright. I would like to present You with a gift. I will shine brighter and I will give You a flower.”

And so, the Star shone brighter, and from its luminescence formed a flower that she presented at the feet of the Man. The man shone with a resplendent joy.

The Man: “Thank you, Star. Your present warms my heart. I bless you on your journey that you may find your resting place in the cosmos.”

The two cosmic beings parted ways. The Star continued on her journey and elected to inaugurate a game along the way, as to name all the planets and stars she would encounter on her way with words. She found her game pleasant and came up with beautiful names for the companions of the cosmos. She came to understand.

“The universe is made up of beautiful beings, of words. That is it! The universe is a Word.”

She continued on her journey and soon came to the realization of the boundlessness. Soon, she would reach to the vision of the Infinity sign.

“That is it! The universe is the Infinite Word.”

Ecstatic at that thought the Star finally came to her resting place and shone brighter than ever.


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