The Soul

“The Ecstasy of St Teresa of Avila”, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1647-1652

There is a profundity to the state of perfection that reveals the beauty of the interior soul reflected on the active life. It is more perfect to teach what one has learnt as the fruit of one’s contemplation as opposed to simply contemplate. The state of perfection belongs to the bishop who is the perfecter of the faith and the watcher of souls.

Spirituality is the revelation of the transcendent principle immanent in man that takes its origin from the spiritual soul. What is the story that God writes, but the story of the soul, even further, the Story of the Soul of Christ. The spiritual soul, is an atom of the Infinite, a particle of the Divine Reason, whose eminent value is greater than the universe, for, in the unitive faculty of the intellect, the human soul can contain the whole universe and be the reason that unifies all sensible reality, under the aspect of the Incarnate Word: Jesus Christ.

The man that lives according to the interior life of the soul, reflects on his person, the traits of the Divinity; by means of the Incarnation of Christ, is found the operative principle of the Redemption, for it is the Incarnation that explains the Redemption of the human species and in the mystery, is found a gem that ornates life and imbues it with the meaning that superabounds in the prayers of the just, the pure, the innocent, the immaculate: that the soul is reason and that in this truth is found the eminent value that it holds before “the Father of lights, with whom there is no alteration or shadow caused by change.”

What is the soul? It is the only property that a man has, for it is his life. In the soul, man finds consolation in his distress and in his misery. The soul, is the particle that explains the existence of the universe for in the Soul of Christ, is found the Divine Fiat, an obedience that is the Reason for Creation, the Cause of Redemption, and the End of Sanctification.

The spiritual soul, is the crowning beauty of the universe and no soul is more beautiful than the Soul of Jesus Christ, for here, are hidden, the treasuries of the Divinity, found in the Paraclete, a Holy Spirit that vivifies Christ’s members and consecrates Divine Reason to the Last Judgement. In the final analysis, the Church is Divine as Its Founder is Divine, for here, dwells the Soul of Christ: the Holy Spirit. The end, or telos, of the soul is thus, found in the adoration of the Holy Trinity by means of the Divine and the Eternal Word.

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