Art is the aesthetic of life

  At the origin of human culture, is art, which can be termed an adaptation of culture to its environment. Indeed, in a more general manner, life is itself artistic, as there is an inherent aesthetic to the rhythm that paces the life of every human culture, and at the center is art that enables […]

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The Word (II)

The cosmos appears as a vast expanse of infinity, wherein reigns probability and the condition of necessity in which atomic particles vibrate according to the rhythm of the universe. The universe is a system, a state of necessary laws that form together the best of all possible worlds, for in a universe of Reason, freedom […]

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The Word

Stories are forms that punctuate literature encountered in the tale of conflict, passion and love for existence. From the concept story comes the existence of the multiverse, that source of possibility that incarnates in the page, the canvas of space, the chapters that constitute life. Art is supernatural power, that forms in its design, a […]

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