Quo Vadis?

“Domine, quo vadis?”, Annibale Carraci, 1601-1602
I should have listened to the dream,
Joy and Peace were here, it seemed.
Years living in the powerful Stream,
Reality was to fall apart at the seams.


Was there a prophecy for this fall?
How to make a sense of this all?
A face stricken by the Mighty All?
Words expressed trying to stall?


Destiny appeared here unexpectedly,
A dream that changed life, certainly,
The innocence of existence, stolen, sadly,
The dream was clear, go, tragically.


Quo Vadis, Quo Vadis, Quo Vadis?
Petras fleeing terror from his Calvary.
A Christ carrying a Cross, the cavalry.
Four nails drove him off, what folly!


And the mercenaries, yes, they came.
Bound in fetters, the Child was tamed.
Led astray, on the Road, like a lame.
Trying to muster hope, with a flame.


Fire was agonizing, consuming fire,
Insults thrown at fiery cone, poor Sire,
Sustain this trial, to find heart’s desire,
Excruciating pain, your funeral pyre.


And the mercenary appeared, shrouded in story.
An awful story was responding to the History.
History engraved on the testifying angelic Memory.
Memory in essence was entering a dreaded Infinity.


A gun was pointed amid hell, horrible.
A mind annihilated in hell, execrable.
A prayer was heard in hell, a miracle.
God had cancelled his Child, primeval.


A golden picture was frozen in Eternity,
Yahweh contemplates Evil, in Immensity,
Christ in the last Redemption, Impossibly,
Reason found in the Nothingness, Lonely.


This Mystery of Mysteries, Perdition;
Revealed by Valtorta, primal Rebellion;
Consummated by Christ, Salvation;
A Chosen Soul, to Angel from Demon.


Quo Vadis, Quo Vadis, else you go?
The Dream was clear, else you go.
Change your ways, else there you go.
Where is life going, you truly know?

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