Prayer For the Sixth Age of the Church


Eternal Word, You Who give us Light, grant Your Church the Light that dispels the darkness, that erases the errors of man, that conquers the sorcery of the devil. By Your Teaching, You reconstructed Grace into the man-creature, come reconstruct in these times, our reasons dismantled by error and enslaved by the passions of the flesh. In these historic times of great travail, may Your Church enter into its Sixth Age of Peace where divisions are healed, persecutions against Your People cease, errors are refuted powerfully and convincingly, and harmony reigns between man and Creation. We pray that Your People may find in Your Pope and Your Great Catholic Monarch, the arms that shepherd it into the Era of Peace. Convert the nations, Lord, dismantle totalitarianism, uproot the republics and reinstate the Divine Right of the King, trampled underfoot by the tyranny of democracy. Restore, Lord, the standard of Mary and the standard of perfection. Amen.

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