The Divine Folly


The Divine Folly is the Divine wish for a Story of heroism centered on the Word, the Son of God. It demanded the existence of Sin, and the consequent need for Redemption, for a Tribunal in History in which the Incarnate Word would experience the trial of Light and Darkness, of that virulent confrontation between opposed principles that would result in Death, the fated destiny of Christ and the Victory of Life over Death in the Resurrection.

Human life lives in this Divine Folly incarnate in the continued war and the persistent division that exists within humanity itself. The Catholic religion continues to testify to a Divine Principle, to which the world seems completely deaf and ignorant, it remains the sole agent capable of realizing the unity of the human race, a feat made possible in the consecration to the Incarnate Word, the Christ, and the dedication to the Immaculate, the Mother. Only by the belief in peace, by silencing the tension of life evident in the psychological need for violence, an eroticism of conflict, and the allegiance to hatred, is it possible to reconcile the separate sections of humanity. Humanity, in fact, is a universal abstraction that owes its existence to Humanism but also to the universal evangelization mission of Christianity; in the recognition of the common humanity, in the fact that in the faith in Christ, all men are granted access to the same spiritual patrimony in the descendance of Adam, the possibility exists to finally overcome the distinctions of race, color, tongue, and nation, resulting in the unity of the human community in an international order that acknowledges the pre-eminent seat of the Trinity in society, as King of nations and of hearts.

War, is a symptom of the Divine Folly, of that spiritual inclination to maintain the struggle of humanity, that antagonism between the desire for rebellion and predestination, between the Kingdom of Man and the Divine City of the Heavenly Jerusalem, between the love of self to the contempt of God, and the love of God to the contempt of self; in fact, the Divine Folly is the lyricism of war, the Romanticism of trial, the erotic love of tragedy, it is the cause of Evil and the power that continues Good on the Earth. To state that there exists a Divine Folly, is to enunciate the fact of the Divine Ecstasy, that supreme happiness from which Creation derives its meaning, its evolution, its origin and its form.

The Divine Folly is the paradox of Divine Love, a Love that operates an inversion of values in the self-denial of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Here, is the Poem of the Man-God, a life married to suffering that anticipates Death and that in the Romanticism of life paints the rhetorical picture of sorrow, dolor, incomprehension, solitude, and the supernatural company of the ineffable God. Existence is paradoxical, the fruit of a Divine Folly that writes in the events of living, the Story of the Incarnate Word Who is the substance of the human condition, resulting in the formation of a precious gem, a Church, a universal Society animated by Love, moved by Goodness, enlightened by Divine Reason to the end of Peace. In the end, spiritual happiness is itself Romanticism, a love that knows no bounds but that seeks from the finitude of sorrow, the priceless gem of merit that engraves the story of personal life on indelible fire, the Tau that marks the predestined and is the Sign of their blessedness in Heaven.

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