God Exists

“The Resurrection of Christ”, Peter Paul Rubens, 1611-1612.

There is among humanity, a cause that adorns life with hope and the petals of joy and happiness. The human person is a favored creature, that lives in the human condition, the substance of the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ, the superluminal Son of the Living God. Human temporal existence is inherently a song and its life is an art that paints in the minute strokes of the struggle of life, the praises of the Trinity, in the adoration of the Word of the Father. Catholicism figures as the pearl of great price, for which the merchant sells all his possessions in order to possess it as his sole good, it is the Divine Society, the advance of the Kingdom of Heaven, the Kingdom of God on the Earth animated by the spiritual law of self-denying love in a movement of kenosis that simplifies being in the homage rendered to the Summum Bonum (Matthew 13:45-46).

In the religious experience of humanity subsists the permanence of an act that ennobles it and that convinces the human heart of the Beauty of the Divine: prayer. The Rosary presents as the central power of Christianity, it is the rhetoric of holiness, the speech of the saint, the hope of the martyr that finally opens with the contemplation of the life of Christ in the Heart of Mary, the Heart of God who grants according to His predilection, the wishes of man respecting in truth, the Design of Divine Providence that predestines the actions of the creature during its temporal existence. Religious prayer testifies to the belief that ornates human existence, a fragrance that embellishes the human heart with charity, an oil of gladness that consecrates human reason in the Paraclete, a water that vivifies the human soul: the existence of God – in truth, a gem! A gem that ought to fill human co-existence and punctuate it with the delineations of the Divine Smile, whose brilliance ought to be the consolation that is Strength, Virtue, and Perfection. Evidently, it is the school of spiritual perfection, in a mystical ascent that with certainty is participant of the triple consecration of the baptized believer as priest, prophet, and king, acting in the triple office of the Christ God-Man Who wills that all be saved and attain to the maturity of spiritual perfection. In the end, it is the Confirmation of predestination, of that mystery hidden in the bosom of God from the foundation of the ages that constitutes the beatitude of Heaven and the basis for the adoration of the Trinitarian God: God wills the salvation of all, but in His infallible knowledge of the future acts of man in Time, wills their salvation or their reprobation according to their merit or their demerit.

God exists. This truth affirms the reality of merit, of that capacity to learn during the temporal life and act in accord with Good and Evil, at the end, whose spiritual value is placed on the mystical balance of the Particular Judgement whose determination seems to hinge on one simple condition, the condition of fervent and religious prayer as the test that determines the final fate of man. On the Last Day, at the Last Judgement, the sheep and the goat are assembled on the dunes of the sand of History and are examined in relation to the goodness or the malevolence of their actions throughout Time, but, in truth, it can be stated that it is prayer that is the oil that keeps the lamp of Faith lighted – turned towards Heaven, the human spirit elevates the prayer of the heart to the Godhead, in the fires of a rhetoric that increases the richness of the treasuries of Grace during life and finally extinguishes all darkness from the human condition. 20th century Italian mystic and priest stigmatist, St. Padre Pio stated that “prayer is the oxygen of the soul”, in a sense, it is the respiration of spiritual speech, the rhetoric that argues with God and pleads the case on the mystical balance for the possession of the Kingdom that is Salvation, Love, and Peace.

The existence of God poses as the Truth that arms the believer with rationality, for the Incarnate Word, the Verbum, is Divine Reason itself and in the consumption of the Eucharist, the myocardial fusion with the Heart of Christ is found the pledge of eternal life, that is, an advance of the Resurrection; particularly, it is the widening of the human intellect that infuses the principle of universality into the human substance for the personal union with God and the charity that sees in the neighbor, the face of Christ to be loved, served, and communed with. The human soul is naturally Christian, anima naturaliter christiana, such that it is passionate and seeks the universal abstractions of Love, Reason, Peace in the adoration of the Godhead. In its essence, the existence of God is a truth that is intuitive, for the human intellect naturally abstracts the first principles of knowledge from its sense experience of reality, and what knowledge is greater than the truth of the existence of the Necessary Being who is the Prime Mover and the First Cause?

That the darkness of doubt and skepticism remain betray the fact that the human reason lives in the obscurantism of ignorance and in the trial of the Enemy, who seeks to put out completely the flame of religious faith. Divine Revelation reveals the certitude that in the end, religious belief has the last word in History, for no man forever dwells in darkness, but rather, darkness must inevitably give way to Light, and what Light indeed!

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