DC Comics Presents Vol 1 #29

The universe is a continuum of space and of time, held together by the fundamental forces of physics, particularly, gravity, a conception in the mind of Albert Einstein that is evident in his theory of relativity. In the event of a static universe, the force of gravity would cause the universe to eventually contract, a reality that caused the famed physicist to include a cosmological constant in his Einstein field equation. The cosmological constant is a form of dark energy that stands for a value of the energy density of the vacuum of space that according to the observations of Edwin Hubble actually accounts for the expansion of the universe in the boundlessness of space. A positive value of the vacuum energy density resulting from the cosmological constant indicates a negative pressure that finally drives the accelerated expansion of the universe. That the universe is expanding in space is a consequence of the Big Bang, that original event that is the accepted origin of the universe and the driving force behind its evolution over time. A truth of the universe’s origin and expansion is the possibility that it be infinite and aeviternal, as it reflects in its reality the invisible attributes and the powers of God.

Mathematics is the language of quantity, behind a series of numbers are transcribed the power relations between the different units of matter, and its interaction with the rational mind, in the certainty that it is Reason that is the foundation of the intelligibility of the cosmos. Essentially, the soul is a mathematical reality that exists as a result of the Will of God, the Father of all rational creatures and the Author of their lives, a spiritual substance that is a universe in itself, in fact, being an atom of Divine Reason the special soul has a dignity and a value that transcends the universe for it has the capacity to contain in its entirety in the power of love and the spirituality of reason, forming the rational milieu of the exercise of free will. Numbers seem dictated by the unforgiving logic that admits of no freedom in its considerations, and that does not contemplate goodness in its computations; in fact, in the number lies the fact of a cosmos that is simply mechanical, and accepts determinism as its final law, that is, a causality in reality that is absolutely dependent on the logical concourse of the laws of nature and the mechanistic forces that explain the physical function of the universe. A deterministic universe leaves no room for the genius of reason in the life of an Aristotle, nor the desire of free will in the ministry of the religious prophet, but rather subserves to logic, amorality, and the totalitarian reign of a nature that acts in an unguided process with no finality except the manifestation of the will to power, rendering existence utterly devoid of mercy and meaning, it is the truth of a world where every action and opposite reaction are described by the infallibility of mathematical calculus in the finality that chance itself constitutes a possible aberration. Determinism stands as the antithesis to physical law for it denies the rationality of creative law, the intelligibility of meaning in the mind, and presents the utter repudiation of free will, the true law of the universe.

The universe is a vast reservoir of possibility, of infinite dimensions, that reveal a multiverse born out of the infinite acts of free will. True, evidence for a multiverse is wanting and it remains an interesting hypothesis but if one admits the fact that the universe is a harmony of mathematical configuration, it is possible to conceive of a universe existing in parallel states of vibration that co-exist with similar characteristics but divergent paths. The formula for entropy describes

S = kln Ω

where S is entropy, kis the Boltzmann constant, and the number of configurations of the individual molecules is denoted by Ω. Ω can be understood, here, as a state of freedom, for free will is concerned with possibility and that which is conceived by reason, that is, by the mind. Entropy is in its essence, a description of the arrow of time, that reveals the fact that the universe in its evolution tends towards imperfection, change, and heat death. At the microscopic state, free will can be accepted to be an arrangement of individual molecules, dictated by mathematical probability whereas macroscopically, free will is found in the conception of reason that comprehends reality, judges it, and elects a decision among different courses of action. Ω is the revelation of mathematical probability incarnate in the arrow of Time by the agency of free rational subjects that personally guide the destiny of the universe in their participation in the metaphysical movement: hope. The multiverse exists because it corrects the imperfection of freedom, which is destructive of Time and allows for the direction of Time towards Wisdom, the final state of omniscience in which the soul is the master of reality, and God conquers a Kingdom.

As of yet, physical science possesses no proof of a multiverse of mathematical probability, nonetheless, literature and fiction elaborate on this important concept in order to account for the existence of the centrality of the Earth. Indeed, the multiverse is ultimately dependent on the truth of geocentrism. In DC Comics, the multiverse is born out of the folly of Krona, a scientist of the planet Oa. Legend on Oa was to never witness the beginning of Creation else woe would ensue; Krona defied the legend and in the madness of his science, witnessed the Hand of Creation resulting in a calamity that created the multiverse. In this regard, the multiverse is actually an error, as it produces the existence of multiple versions of the planet Earth, it figures as a warning for the desire of absolute knowledge irrespective of the Divine command Whose authority limits the radius of rational freedom, incarnating in its malediction, the question of the separation between science and religious wisdom whose effects are evident in the contemporary world beset by totalitarian power and the nihilistic fruits of human science, that trace their origin from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and of Evil. Thus, the multiverse reveals the problem of freedom which appears destructive of Time, and which yields error in an attempt at self-affirmation, the cause found in the genius of reason that determines the acts of the soul in free will and conditions freedom within Time. Perhaps, then, Time being a now that is imperfect – for it has a beginning, a middle, and an end – reveals the problem of story, which is engraved in destiny by the particular will.


Crisis on Infinite Earths #7

In its essence, the multiverse incarnates the desire for the multiplicity of story, in fact, the concept story in the process of replication, calibration, and perfecting.

Warlock and the Infinity Watch - 09 - 19 & 20
Warlock and the Infinity Watch #9

The current universe is in expansion since the beginning in the boundlessness and is conceivably infinite. Infinity ensues in truth, from the mathematical logic of the universe since the domain of real numbers is actually without a limit, thus, infinite: indeed, the series of real numbers is without end. Einstein at first, conceived that the universe was limited and static; observations during the 20th century by Edwin Hubble revealed that the universe was expanding, in the fact that galaxies were spiraling away from each other. Concretely, infinity is a set of numbers that add by a value of 1 without end and can be conceived to be the mathematical certainty of the universe. The infinity of the universe is the revelation of its divine origin and the manifestation of its mathematical harmony whose constant regulates its inner integrity, ensures the freedom of its evolution, and constitutes the fabric of the five fundamental forces of gravity, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, and quintessence; here, then, is the truth of cosmology that the universe is a system of inter-dependent laws directed at the realization of Wisdom in the glory of omniscience, the mathematical probability that assures the finality of freedom in its contemplation of the will to power, the mystery of life in its existence on Earth.







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