The Imitation of Christ, Book II, Chapter 11

“The Imitation of Christ”, Thomas a Kempis.

“Rarely will you find anyone so spiritual as to be stripped bare of all things. Who will shew me a man truly poor in spirit, completely severed from all things created? Such a one is a “rare treasure, brought from distant shores”. If a man were to give away everything he had, it would still be nothing; if he did severe penance, it would still be but little; if he were to have a grasp of all knowledge, he would still be a long a way off. Even if he had great holiness and fervent devotion, there would still be much lacking to him; that one thing, I mean, which he needs above all else. And what is this one thing? That, having left all things behind, he should leave himself, renounce himself completely, keeping back nothing of his self-love; and when he has done everything that he knows he ought to do, let him realize that he has done nothing.”

– “The Imitation of Christ”, Book II, Chapter 11.

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