An E-mail Interview With Neena Buxani

“White roses”, Neena Buxani.

Mysterium Verbi – Art Interview

Art is a cultural capital that serves to promote the value of the human genius, the education into a contemplation of Beauty, and the edification of culture itself.


1. Would you say that art is an innate talent or a learned skill?

I believe it is a combination of both. Whichever one is lacking can be made up with the other. But I do believe that practice is the key and passion for art is necessary.

2. How did you know you had a talent for art?

Art is subjective, so we never know if we really have a talent. I definitely have a strong interest, and I have had it since I was a very young child.

3. In your education into art, have you found it easier to master art from a young age or during adulthood?

I feel like its good to foster since youth. That being said, since I have pursued my desire to be a professional artist a little later in life, I do throw my all into it. I try and absorb and learn wherever and whenever I can.


1. How does one learn art skills? Practice.

Research. Surrounding yourself with art.

2. Does a fine arts education provide a good instruction into mastering art?

I do not have a Fine Arts Degree. I have always wanted to get one though.

3. Is art a technical skill that can be learned through school, or a talent that is developed throughout life?

I don’t believe there’s one answer to this. I think it’s a combination of both. I strongly believe passion is the most important element.


1. What is the inspiration behind your art?

Fashion, beauty, nature, design and music.

2. How does your art contribute to your sense of self, and your identity?

It is who I am now, and who I have always wanted to be…an artist. I live and breathe art at all times. If I’m not creating it, I’m thinking about what I’m going to create or researching or gathering inspiration.

3. Would you describe your art as genius?

Please elaborate on this question. I think that’s difficult for an artist to answer. Genius is a very strong word. I hope that my art inspires others and brings others joy.

4. Do life experiences teach you to be a better artist?

Definitely. I have had many different jobs/businesses. I believe my experience in all of them come into play at some point or another.


1. What painting medium are you more comfortable in? Acrylic, oil, watercolor, other? Acrylic

2. Does experimenting go into your process, do you practice or do you simply create your art?

I simply create. You can always paint on top 🙂

3. What techniques do you use in your paintings?

Please explain. I paint using a lot of layers. I use any and every technique it takes to create the end product I envision. I have so many different styles, that it’s really hard to answer. I believe experimenting is part of the fun!


1. What is your vision for your art?

I would love to see it color the world around me in as many places a possible.

2. How does your art contribute to society?

I donate artworks for auction to support charities I believe in. I also hope my work brings happiness to the people who are around it.

3. What would you like to experiment in in the future?

Different media, perhaps? Encaustic. Experiment with more Mixed Media.

4. What message do you want to communicate with your art?

To express yourself, follow your passion and live life to the fullest. I think so many people suppress their wilder side because they are scared of what society will think or how they will react. I want my art to remind them to enjoy life and be themselves. Life is too short to deny ourselves what makes us happy. We are happiest when we are our true selves.

5. Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring artists?

Work hard. When you’re tired, create anyways. Do something everyday for your art. If you do, your passion will shine through your work.

One can find Neena Buxani’s art at


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