Prayer Against Negation II

“Christ the Judge”, Fra Angelico, 1447.

Eternal Word, You Who are the Teacher of History, the Witness to Truth, the Light of the world, we thank you for the gift of your Church, the foretaste of the Kingdom of Heaven, for which You labored throughout Your temporal life and on the Cross in order to bring about Its Birth.

We offer to Your providential Hands, the world that denies: It denies that there is a God, who created the universe in six days, created man in His image on the sixth day, and it denies Your sabbath on which You rested from Your works on the seventh day; it denies the Incarnation, in a spirit that is Antichrist and that denies even Your Divinity, that You were a God amidst the Jewish world and the pagan throngs; it denies the mystery of Your Church, for which You offered Your Flesh and poured Your Precious Blood; it denies History, that it is a Work of God, a result of the Light that is the Motion of human acts; it denies Life in a Science that is darkness and obscurantism, separated from Wisdom, a Science that is established on false principles of atheism and naturalism.

We present to you the Error of the world, its Negation of the Divine Liturgy, that by Your Light you may illumine it in a True Enlightenment. Open for Your Church, new paths of illumination, grant this unbelieving world, in the obscurity of nonfaith, the incontrovertible Proof of Your Existence: Your Cross. May the Word who died on the Cross grant it the Argument that cannot be denied by human reason, but that renders the human creature a reasonable person. Perfect Your People in the Law of Your Church, which is a Law of Charity, of reasonable love, that seeks the Salvation of the human race, and the unity of humanity under the guidance of Rome, one People, one Faith, one Love.

Through the heart and the angelic purity of Mary, we present to you this prayer, that You may find Your delight in Us, Your People.


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