Prayer Against Negation

“Le Coup de Lance”, Peter Paul Rubens, 1620
Eternal Word, You who are the Brightness of the Father, we present to Your loving Eyes, the current world beset by a darkness that devastates all the good things: faith, consciences, families, nations, religion, and above all, charity in the hearts and in the souls of your faithful. In the face of a science that denies man’s divine origin and cancels in its atheism the very memory of God, confronted by hostile powers and powers of the Evil One, that seek to deny even the most elementary truths of religion and of man – that man was created for a loving purpose by an Omnipotent God, and that man ought to live according to the right dictates of conscience – may your five wounds blaze forth more ardently and inflame within hearts the fires of a pure and loving charity.


O, Eternal Word, look upon Your Church attacked by these powers of Negation. Continue by Your Light, to guide the Holy Roman Church, grant her renewed fervor and increased grace, adorn her with Your spiritual treasures that She may be made holy, spotless, and blameless in Your sight. May a more perfect, certain, and total knowledge of You in these last times, redeem and consecrate intellects to the Truth.


You who are Charity, You who are Truth, You who are Light, save Your Church amidst a persecuting world and bring anew in Her, the promises of the Eternal Kingdom.
May Glory be Yours now and forever. Amen.

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