Alpha: In the Beginning


Lucien: “In the beginning, was the white blank page of creation, in which will struggled to form a mental word, thought, for the origin of Reason. Reason arose as a miracle of a blank page, from Light it emerged, formed to be the goodness of Reality towards the generation of fantasy. The new Being appeared in the incandescence of Divinity, robed in majesty and Light, and in the power of rational thought, of Reason. There was a vast expanse of cosmicity, a sea of darkness punctuated with the lights of stars that chanted the glories of their Creator. Here, Reason found Its Life and formed the first thought that animated Its Being: Page.

It was the goodness of fantasy, of that universe of infinite possibilities in which imagination reigned supreme, and Reason found its purpose, its reason for Being and existing.”  

Fantasy is the reason for the being of the world, created towards the end of the fantastical, the supernatural, the metaphysical, and the spiritual. The cosmos is a theater of destiny in which characters will their salvation or their reprobation according to the designs of the Eternal Law, which directs the actions of rational creatures. In the pages of fantasy, the world finds its beginning: that God is an artist, who wrote on the white blank Page of Creation, the designs of the goodness of His Reason, He creates for the sake of the perfection of freedom towards the attainment of Wisdom, a feat of omniscience that grants true Science and the capacity to behold His Light in Its eminent Beauty. It is the Truth of Being, of a Life that is animated by Goodness itself, by the dynamic of a Principle that is the Aeon, Who knows no beginning and no end, and Who contemplates His Work outside of Time, from the Eternity of His Mind.

The Beginning is the wonder of the imagination, the miracle of thought ordered by Reason to a good purpose, the form of matter governed by wise, and creative laws that maintain nature into being and manifest the Divine Power. It is the Truth of a world that is created in order to reveal the Divine Purpose: the telling of a Story, in the manifold actions of the human soul, whose reality vindicates the Wisdom of God and realizes the potential inherent to contingent being; all life forms ultimately hope for their Salvation, for a depassement of their condition, beyond the Story into the glory of an eternal rest – Peace.

In the pages of fantasy, the blank Page of Creation stands for the Over-void Monitor who is the creator of the DC multiverse and on Whom God draws the canvas of Creation. The white Page stands for omniscience, for immaculate purity, for omnipotence, and for God Himself. It is the power to create and form out of the imagination of the artist. In Superman Beyond #1, comic book writer Grant Morrison identifies the Over-void Monitor from a book of infinite pages that contains all the stories to ever be written, and reveals that He is the ancestor of the monitors, a race of hyper-gods tasked with the watchful protection of the orrery of worlds, that is, the multiverse, and the experimentations on Time, that is, on stories, in order to ensure their sacred safeguarding. The cause of stories is a flaw found in the “heart of monitor perfection” generating “a structure of infinitesimal rippling manifolds upon whose surface intricate germ-like processes thrive and multiply!” The Monitor has no concept for story and is confounded by its existence within Him. In reality, the problem of the story reveals the problem of the Word within the self, the ego, the I. It is the question of the fictional self, needing a story in order to comprehend itself fully and attain at omnipotence. In fact, a Word that by its very logic wants to tell a Story, for every Word presupposes it as its finality.

The Over-void Monitor is an Infinite Intelligence in which the self is found in chaotic motion, swayed by the wonder of stories, the catharsis of tragedy, the power of memory. In the fictional self, is a hidden the treasure of story, of fiction, of literature, of fantasy, of forces unknown to the unconscious psyche, a Mind bewildered by the possibility of a Word that seeks a Kingdom, a Word that desires a Story in order to express Its Beauty and be adored by finite being, in a feat of power that is a manifestation of universality, omniscience, and omnipotence. On the white Page of Creation, imagination finds its canvas, the Cause of the Story, the Reason for its existence, the Truth behind the myth, the Power that grants totality of Reality, it is the condition of the Author who seeks to find friendship with His creature, a God who in the happiness of Being experiences joy at the manifestation of Story, the concept of adventure which constitutes all existence a school of disparate personages aiming towards their final destiny. God, is the Supreme Being, Who, writes on the canvas of the pages of fantasy the Story of friendship, adventure, love, and science. He is the Alpha of Creation, seated at his window, contemplating the Beauty of His Work and Who smiles with elation at His beloved creature: the Superman.

In the pages of Superman Beyond #1, a probe is sent by the Overvoid-Monitor in order to ascertain of the reality of the flaw, of the germ found at the heart. It encounters the chaos of stories, is split in two, then withdraws, leaving behind Superman in a Cosmic Arror, and the orrery of worlds. The Cosmic Armor Superman is the watchful giant of the monitors, a monitor himself, made of pure thought in order to counter any threat, even the ultimate one: Mandrakk, the monitor that eats stories creating a race of vampire gods.

The Alpha of Creation is found in the happiness of God and in his love for his beloved creature, the Superman. The Superman is a creature of pure fantasy, of that capacity for reason to will beyond any threat and overcome any crisis, it is the power of hope which is a prayer, of Reason that masters the art of theological Science in Time; in Superman, contingent being finds the power to leap out of the Page, the white canvas of imagination and encounter its Creator, an Immensely Good Person who loves infinitely and knows all about reality. It is the myth of natural Darwinian evolution transposed into a fictional evolution that transfigures being and enables it to gaze into the penetrating eyes of the Divine. Alpha of fantasy, this is the Summum Bonum that all being desires, the prime number that grounds all Reality, the Prime Mover that is the origin of Light, the First Cause that creates All, the Divine Artist that fashions all existence from the miracle of a white Page out of the pleasure of His imagination, it is the Actuality in an infinite series of created reality. God exists outside of Time and of Space, in a Time that is the Eternity of Good Work, and in a Space that is the Infinity of Imagination, the certainty of which is that God is beyond all categories of knowing and is simply Good, that is, Light that is Happiness.

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