Le Penseur

“Le Penseur”, Auguste Rodin, 1904.

Auguste Rodin’s Le Penseur is a master-piece of art and craftsmanship that expresses in the ruggedness and the gravity of its stony figure, the miracle of thought, which ought to be the final object of concern of all philosophy. A man, sitting on a stone engrossed in the seriousness of thought, with his right hand under his chin, and the right elbow reposing against the left thigh. The statue produced at the start of the 20th century, presents as the apogee of the human attempt at the questioning of existence, of the mysteries it generates and of the questions that arise at its wonder.

Billions of neurons communicate electro-chemical messages at synapses in an instant, generating the fire that is the life of the human brain: electrical thought. The miracle of thought expresses in its mystery that of electricity which is the spark that animates the central nervous system and communicates the motion of the brain to the rest of the body – it is the law, that the head ought to move the body and direct its activities in a feat of electricity and the elegance of intelligent design. Le Penseur is a person of philosophy, who inquires into the ultimate causes of Reality, and that comprehends that thought is the final destination of all investigation, a certainty that arms life with gravitas, a certainty that concerns all the energies of living with one central task: the comprehension of the reason for thought, that is, for the reason for an existence, for thought is essentially an essence that has existence deriving its origin from the I AM WHO AM of the Godhead.

Reason is the goodness of the bipedal form, the reason for its happiness and the truth of its wisdom, it is a participation of the Divine Wisdom, of the YEHOSHUA from whose Reason all rationality derives, without a doubt, in the power of Perfection which permits for the formation of Creation Ex Nihilo, out of nothing. Out of the nothing of the Word, Reason creates forms and notions, matter and quantity, number, space, and time. Moreover, reason measures goodness in rational calculus, animated by the fire of electricity, it encompasses the brain in order to move matter, in the soul of the glory of the light of intelligence. Man, is a rational creature, a being of rational thought ordered in reason for the achievement of happiness, the Wisdom of actuality that grants final peace from the travail of reason. What then, is thought, but the travail of reason? 

Thoughts that are well ordered towards their final end, that is, Wisdom, birth peace and happiness and the resolution of the forces of life, that encounter true well-being in their evident omniscience. The miracle of thought is the fact of existence that seeks to simply encounter the self and live according to the soul, which is a principle that animates all living being. Miracles occur according to the Will of the Omnipotent and due to conditions that are favorable for a feat, in fact, they take place as a result to hope that is the force of life that animates all Creation and moves it towards the achievement of Wisdom, the possession of the true science that grants omniscience in existence and omnipotence over life. Hope, is the substance of the anima, of the life that is the character of creaturely existence. In hope, all creatures find their consolation from their toil, a lesson that teaches in virtues of fortitude, perseverance and good will.

Le Penseur reveals that thought is in some sense, a form of serious prayer, a labor of activity that reveals the power of hope and the reality of existence. Thought, is the essence of the travail of existence, it is the spark that reveals the unity of being and the beauty of life; it is the essence of questioning, of a search for transcendance that realizes the complete mastery of the forces of reason; thought, is the essence of the spiritual soul.


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