The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil


“The Massacre of the Giustiniani at Chios”, Francesco Solimena.

Good and evil are contradictory forces present within rational being that form the foundation of creaturely self-determination, in the face of the supreme realization of the Divinity that demands a test in order to confirm the human person in goodness, the creature responds with a flight that is a desire for rebellion and the will to self-creation, irrespective of the Beneficent influence of the Eternal Law that directs the actions of man towards his ultimate destiny.

The emergence of evil within human history is to be attributed to the affirmation of the spirit of disobedience, that is pride in the First Parents of humanity; in fact, a pride that seeks to enter into the domains of God and grant the creature the right to determine that which is good from that which is evil, and thus constitute for itself its own light, its own source of rational enlightenment. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil presents in its sensible existence, the means to operate the denial of the Divine Right, whose prerogative it is to test Adam and Eve in order to administer their merit and guide their innocence towards the filiation of Heaven. The fruit of the test incarnates in its concreteness, the realm of a science that is founded on the Luciferian cry of revolt, non serviam, which inaugurates the disorder of the intellect and the rebellion of created nature against Grace, in a movement that in truth, seeks to operate the redemption of man solely on the finite being’s natural powers, in rejection of the assistance of the Creator, Who wills the salvation of the human race and the conclusion of the story of Creation.

The event of the trial of the First Couple is momentous for mankind as it has predestined for centuries to come the destinies of human creatures to the decheance of reprobation and damnation, through the transmission in procreation of the heritage of the Fault, of Original Sin, which is a devolution that creates man into an animal tortured by the disorder between reason and the senses, of that concupiscence that is an instinctual law of mortality which deprives the human nature of supernatural grace, and as image of the Divinity, of its friendship with the Godhead, the happy state of love with God. The Tree of the knowledge of good and evil has firmly planted its garden in the course of human history, disfiguring the nature of man and transforming his existence into a story of malediction, tragedy, conflict, mortality, and sin. It is the tragic consequence of a humanity separated from the loving influence of Its Benefactor, Whose Light is the Cause of History and imparts life into the universe, Whose Sun teaches the Earth about the meaning of the goodness of the liturgy, Whose gravity predestines the actions of man to their final end, in the happy lot of predestination, or the horrible destiny of reprobation. As a result of the Original Fault, war has become the animating soul of history, in fact, the driving force of the enterprise of civilization, a grand human undertaking taught by the Devil that attempts to dethrone God in His Reign on the Earth and rule the universe according to the anarchist and tyrannical rule of finite being. In fact, all of human history is an argumentation in spiritual decisions, supernatural power, and Divine motion, between the Infinite Reason of the Eternal Word, and the tortured intellect of the angelic Lucifer, struck on his brow by a Divine thunderbolt into Satan, the sign of his doom and the Judgement of his damnation. The idea of the war is rebellion to the Divine Order, the desire to destroy it, and the thought to inaugurate a Kingdom of Man, in reality, a Kingdom of the Beast centered on the denial of the Divinity of the Word, and on the complete blaspheme of the Divine Name. In its essence, it is a war that manifests the will to consecrate history into a malediction that breeds horrors, monstrosity, and error.

From the Tree of Knowledge, is a science that rejects Divine Light, in favor of an Enlightenment that in fact is obscurantism, the condition of a science detached from religious wisdom which in reality is smoke, darkness, obscurity, yielding for humanity centuries of conflict and darkness beset by ignorance, vice, strife, plague, and natural calamity, a condition that constitutes misery for the person, a malediction for the living in history, and a negation of the Divine Goodness. Man has, in his existence on the Earth, been acquainted intimately with the science of the depths of darkness, of the Devil, through a commerce that is prostitution with Satan; in consequence, it has birthed an order of life that is divorced from the natural rhythm of life, paced by the law of the mechanical clock, governed by the logic of economic efficiency and that increasingly begets in man a mechanical soul, oblivious to the value of the spiritual life, in the blessing of virtue, which consecrates human life to the central act of the human soul in homage to the Beauty of the Supreme Being found in the vision of the Eucharistic species. It has formed the motto of present humanity that lauds imperfection in the phrase: “I am human”in fact, it justifies its imperfection in the resigned and the fatalistic acceptation of the limitedness of its humanity. Man has succeeded in freeing the self from the yoke of religion in his tentative at understanding existence, reality, and nature, produced in his science built on the principles of a false light, a monstrosity: a weapon of mass destruction that is the offspring of militant atheism with Darwinian amorality, an instrument capable of realizing the annihilation of the human species and the subjugation of its most adapted members in survival to its evil masters, the engineers of world power, who seek to rule a reduced population and inaugurate a Kingdom of Man that worships a Monster from the Abyss.

L’aboutissement of the science of the “depths of Satan” (Revelation 2:24), is the error of naturalism, a negation of the Divine Motion which denies the supernatural in its manifold action and defines all reality as the concourse of nature and its mechanistic causes, acting in logical manner to produce a Kingdom in which there exists no transcendent Light, ruled by the darkness of a bestial intelligence that erases the image of the Divinity in man and comprehends human dignity as a mere biological function. The Communist creed rests on this metaphysical presupposition and extends all human activity to an economic function; in its essence, it is the obscurantism of a world ruled by the law of the machine, that erases all considerations of beauty for a concern with the performance of efficiency, an electro-chemical system of interlocking parts that work in order to produce a life of comfort in total disregard for spiritual truth and supernatural maturity lived in authentic religion operating in fact, a cultural mutation that in certainty, erases the genius in man and renders him a miserable creature, content with the mediocrity of a superficial consumerism and the death of the ideal, of that power that drives the human to greater heights towards the Divine.

From the fateful Tree have come woes for mankind, manifest in the mortality of man, standing in truth, as the malediction of History, moved by the Divine Word who is the Final Judge of the spiritual choices and moral decisions of the human person; in the antagonism between the Eternal Word and Lucifer stands the permanence of Death, which instills a natural and instinctual dread in the human, depriving him in fact, of the filial love of God and of the gratitude that is an amen to the Loving Will of the Trinity; its recurrence is the reason for the inclinations – in the darkness of sorcery, the fires of conflict, and the love of the human condition, that lot of sin and misery – of the human being, that drive him towards an innate opposition towards the Eternal Law, that Plan in the Divine Mind for the Judgement of the Word, the eternity of the liturgy, and the pacification of Creation itself – in short, the favored creature stands in need of eternal life, of that principle that annuls mortal life in the image of God and redeems History from the folly of its war, particularly, a supernatural proof that silences in the spiritual maturity of humanity, the logical reasons of the fallen angelic Lucifer, the central antagonist of the Verbum within History.

The apple was pleasing to the eye yet it introduced death. Here, lies the truth of artifice, a false art that rests on the reality of beauty and uses the power of lies, that is, of error, to sow fruits of mortality, that serve an antagonism to God, a source of conflict for man, and the ending of supernatural life. History, in its essence, is the totality of the corporate spiritual decisions of man, moved by Divine Light, yet, animated by a spirit of war, that is deprived of eternal lifeFrom the Tree of the knowledge of good and of evil, comes the inheritance of Original Sin, and the instinct of antagonism towards predestination, that causes an inherent conflict between the disordered impulses of man. The opposition between good and evil, light and darkness are a revelation to the drama that is the reality of History, an inherent tension that is to be resolved by the acceptation of the Incarnate Word as the substance of the human condition in a life that redeems the human horizon from the prospect of death, a spiritual decision that annuls the ignorance of the creature and grants the power to liberate History from its force of malediction.

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