The Two Resurrections

“The Great Last Judgement”, Peter Paul Rubens, 1614-1617

33. The two resurrections

The following extract shows the vital link between the End Times and the particular judgment. Just as the End Times lead to the physical end of the world and the general judgment, so our personal lives com to a bodily end and the particular judgment.

August 22, 1943                 Complete dictation                       Q43:161-162

Jesus says:

“Before ending this cycle, something needs to be said about the two resurrections.

“The first begins when the soul is separated from the body and appears before Me in the particular judgement. But it is only a partial resurrection. Rather than a resurrection one could say a release of the spirit from the envelope of the flesh, and the spirit’s wait until it is reunited to the flesh to rebuild the living temple created by the Father, the temple of the human being created in God’s image and likeness.

“A work with a piece missing is incomplete and therefore imperfect. The human being, a perfect work in its creation, is incomplete and imperfect if it is not reunited in its various parts. Destined to the luminous Kingdom or to the murky abode, human beings must be forever in these [heaven or hell] with their perfection of flesh and spirit.

“Therefore, one can speak of a first and of a second resurrection. But consider.

“The one who has killed his spirit with an earthly life of sin comes to Me, in the particular judgement, with a spirit already dead. The final resurrection will bring about that his flesh takes up again the weight of the dead spirit to die with it utterly. Whereas the one who has overcome the flesh in his earthly life comes to me, in the particular judgement, with a living spirit which, as it enters Heaven, increases its life.

Those in purgatory too are alive; ill, but alive. Having recovered through expiation, they will enter the place which is Life. At the final resurrection their spirits, alive with My Life to which they will be indissolubly united, take up the flesh again to make it glorious and to live with it completely, just as I live with it.

“That is why one can speak of a first and of a second death and, consequently, of a first and a second resurrection. The latter is eternal possession of Light – because in Heaven you possess God, and God is Light. Individuals must reach it of their own free wills, just as of their own free wills they wanted to lose Light and Paradise. I give you the help you need, but the will must be yours.

“I am faithful. I have created you free and leave you free. And if you think how worthy of admiration God’s respect for human free will is, you can understand how duty-bound you are not to misuse it by doing evil with it, and how duty-bound you are to have respect, gratefulness and love for the Lord your God.

“To those who have not deviated from their duty I say: ‘Your dwelling in Heaven is ready, and I burn with desire that you be in My Bliss.'”

-Maria Valtorta, The End Times as Revealed to Maria Valtorta, pages 54-55

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