From a vantage point, reality appears a construct of philosophical substance that is governed by inescapable laws that drive the evolution of life and the generation of a universe of meaning, according to purpose and intelligent design. Each extant thing possesses its innate characteristics that form the foundation of its being and determine its relation to existence itself and its place in the cosmos. The universe, is a vast expanse of form and movement whose character is finitude and an eternal questioning that seeks the enlightenment of science and the wisdom of perfect desire in a tentative at realizing the grand enterprise that is the existence of the self manifested in conscious thought, and for man, in rationality and freedom.

Human civilization is a nexus, a focal point of intersection within reality that because of its central function in the cosmos operates the justification of the work of creation and the direction of the arrow of time, providing for the universe, a reason of hope or of despair, of meaning or of nihilism, of truth or of negation in the eternal confrontation between opposed principles governed by contradictory aspirations. In the pages of fantasy, there exists a nexus of all realities, that subsists as a cross-dimensional gateway towards all possible realities, in a multiverse of meaning and possibility. Here, reality finds its center and its point of departure, as its magnificence radiates into all branches of space and of time, and reveal to all life the reason of its own desire, evolution, and movement: the possession of the perfect word, the revelation of the absolute concept that completes being and whose comprehension grants immediate fulfillment and reality. In essence, it is the ultimate coronation of nexal science and the terminus of the process of change that drives the march of time itself.

The potential for human realization is grand, however, it demands the acceptance of a transformative principle, evident in the establishment of the religious impulse on a true metaphysics, a correct understanding of reality that comprehends it in its substance, in its nature, its purpose, and in its thought. This, is the sempiternal purpose and destiny of Earth, which is the unification of all the fundamental forces of existence into the transcendent potential of the spiritual faculty, the spirit, in the erasure of enigma and destruction towards the achievement of unity and the transformation of nature into totality itself.

Presently, humanity finds itself at the crossroads of uncertainty and a paralysis of its social, cultural and scientific concepts that attempt to move beyond all religious paradigms and free the human person from the influence of truth in a process of existential self-creation evidenced in its re-structuring of marriage and of its unconscious tentative at modifying its biological matrix in genetic experimentation and inter-species breeding. In fact, humanity has arrived at the primordial test: having conquered the Divinity, religion, and authority, it is in search of its own utopia in utter disregard of its relation to nature and the cosmic laws, a condition that is itself the presence of mutation, in the production of a deviant population that is ignorant of the necessity of universal truth and the emancipation from slavery to the tree of the knowledge of good and of evil that yields a Holocaust of fire, a situation of spiritual agony and acute existential anxiety bordering on mental disorder; in sum, a world that exists in the shadow of a cave characterized by sleep and the incapacity to conceive existence beyond the inevitability of death.

The potential is the presence of a science of life that is a labor for an eternity of felicity or damnation, a power of imagination and creativity that directs humanity towards the mastery of art and living, resting on the foundations of a fantasy that is the expression of the human spirit, a reality which is constantly erased and turned into a logical monstrosity by the tyranny of Totalitarian rule. The nexal knowledge exists in a world where thought is increasingly encoded in number, in electrochemical signals which create circuits of collectivism, where human identity disappears behind the numerical equivalence of a computer program. It is the problem of freedom confronted with the absoluteness of power, seeking to re-fashion the person according to the psychology of man that annuls the genius, that is the source of the consolation of his temporal existence and the capacity to bear with patience and forbearance the pains of this domain.

The nexus stands as a mysterious reality that can offer a solution to the problem of the self, and of the meta-narrative of creation, a theater of adventure moved by a story which is incarnate in the reality of a kingdom: The Eternal Word – cause of history and the meaning of the story that animates the Earth and holds together the fabric of reality in a liturgy of adoration that is the Revelation of the Divine Name. In the nexus is found the existence of symbolic truth, of the power of transformation and of the realization of possibilities; behind a myriad of worlds, and of the nigh infinity of space and time, is revealed the force of fantasy which captivates the imagination and constitutes a manifest potential for the liberation of the ego, in its tentative at omnipotence and the possession of a supreme kingdom – the kingdom of personality, of the person with its divine right and its claim to the totality of existence, in the formulation of love, for a time that is beyond time, beyond materiality and limit, for a dream that becomes real, and concrete, found in the spirituality of the perfect word, the civilization of the true science, resting on metaphysical mastery and artistic connaturality. In its essence, it is the reign of the person, in education.

Earth has the manifest destiny of incarnating in its march, the language of the course of the stars, the contemplation of the galaxies and constellations, and the vision of the universe. It is a gravitational nexus, a force that directs the cosmos towards the realization of prophecy, and the comprehension of the mystery of its existence, where is found the secret towards the formation of a new world, a synthesis of antagonism that drives the story: fantasy.

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