The Three Prophetic Times

December 7, 1947

Jesus says:

“Three cries: a single cry. Three periods: a single period. Three voices: two subordinate, one supreme. These three ‘threes’ are to say words of comforting joy to you.

“My prophet-speaking in the name of Him who is the Source of Eternal Life, Water issuing forth to give Life to those drinking it, an inexhaustible Life removing Death, a Water taking away thirst for what is evil and satisfying every longing, fulfilling all searching, for whoever has Me has everything-says, ‘All you that are thirsty, come to the water! You that have no money, come, receive grain and eat; come, without paying and without cost, drink wine and milk…! Listen carefully…and your souls will be gladdened by choice foods…. My word, going forth from my mouth, shall not return to me void, but shall do my will, achieving the end for which I sent it’ (Isaiah 55:1, 2, 11).

“I say, ‘Let whoever is thirsty come to Me and drink. Rivers of living of water will flow forth from within those believing in Me.’

“John says in the Apocalypse, ‘And let whoever is thirsty come and whoever so desires freely take the water of life.’

“Three cries, three periods, three voices. In the middle, between the voice of the prophetic times-the voice repeating the messages coming to it from within God-and the voice which is an echo of the Eternal Word made man, proclaiming his truth amidst the deaf stones which were the Synedrium of the Temple, rather than the Temple, am I, Word and Truth, I, Jesus the Christ, I, the Lord, Son of the Lord, the Savior, Pontiff, and King. As the transverse beam on the Cross held up the full weight of the Redeemer, so I, the Eternal Word, hold up the whole treasure of the prophets’ words of truth. John, too. was a prophet. Of the last times. Whereas Isaiah was regarding my time. But John remains a prophet because he sees and states future events. And the Truth, who sustains the prophets’ truths, would not, either voluntarily or involuntarily, have let erroneous words come out of their mouths, filled to the brim with God; He would not have accredited with his support even the slightest subterfuge or pride suggesting untrue words so as to appear greater to the single and the small.

“You know the first condition to be and remain ‘voices.’ Humility, sincerity, and complete obedience. If these virtues fails, the gift ceases and the mission ends. I speak to you because you are faithful. I speak to you because you are humble. I speak to you because you are sincere. I speak to you because you are obedient. I love you because you are these three things, and the fumes of honor and the wine of the gift have not blinded and inebriated you. They have not turned you into a ‘satan.’ Those rendered proud, deceitful, and disobedient by God’s gift become satans.

“Everyone could lie to you. I cannot. And I tell you, ‘Those three voices, which are-if one is able to see and recognize clearly-my single Voice speaking in the ancient time and the new time, are speaking to you today to bring you joy.’

“Come and buy without money. Come and eat wine and milk. Come to the waters.’

“Money, in your case, is possessed by ‘those who know,’ the rabbis, the ones who think they can buy everything because they know, because they have the coins of knowledge, those who…. Oh, eternal race of scribes and pharisees, who place latches on the gates to the King’s gardens, where He issues forth in love for his beloved ones, the ‘little’ ones who enter with simplicity and love, and you would like-just as you, that do not enter, act because you halt outside the wall to enumerate the stones and analyze the dust-the others not to enter in the same way, when will you come to an end and surrender to the thought that the Lord is free to choose and that He can turn the weakest members into giants and empty, indigent vessels into vessels full of what is true wealth and holiness: Wisdom?

“I said money is possessed by those who think they can buy everything because they have the coins of knowledge, those who would like to have a monopoly on this knowledge, but get knowledge mixed up with Wisdom and think the handmaidden is the Queen. And they would like to keep the little ones from robbing themselves with treasures, nourishing themselves with honey, milk, wine, and butter, and quenching their thirst with the waters providing Life, the Life which is Salvation, Wisdom, joy, and peace.

“You do not have this money. You are poor. Even now that I have covered you with my treasures, you are poor, for, if I were to remove them from your intellect, you would have nothing else. You are poor in yourself. But you have Me. I say to you, ‘Come. Drink. Buy. Eat. Rejoice in choice foods.’ And I also say to you, ‘My words shall not remain in you without yielding fruit.’ When does a seed yield fruit? When it ceases to be a seed and becomes a plant-isn’t it so? Exactly! That’s the way it is in you. The Word speaks to you and then grows silent, and you remain as if empty. You think you are empty, mute, stupid; it seems nothing remains of what was given to you. No, you are full. You are a forest as beautiful as the Garden in the early days. All delightful plants, all fruits and aromas, flowers and colors are in you. They are the seeds of my words, which you think have been lost because on your own you are unable to repeat them any more and which are never so present as when they have changed from seeds into a plant. You blossom and do not realize it. You bear fruit, my beautiful orchard, my vine, my field with rich ears of grain, and many come to you to satisfy their hunger, and you give Me by giving what is flourishing in yourself, which I have given you.

“You bring gladness to your Jesus. He comes to take his rest in his garden…. He willingly remains there because ‘rivers of living water’ render that place fertile. The rivers of living water flow from your heart. Because Jesus is in your heart. And those who have Jesus in their hearts also have the Holy Spirit, for where I am, the Spirit of Love is, and it is sweet for Me to stay where the Spirit-who proceeds from the Father and from Me and is our Essence-is. If you did not believe in Me and, consequently, did not welcome and worship the Word exactly as you do, with certain faith, deep charity, great humility, a transparent will, and a heroic power to obey, the Spirit would not love you and would not be in you. And, without Him, human spirits and intellects are empty arks, stringless harps, extinguished lamps, and dried-up springs.

“The ancient prophet, the last prophet, and Jesus between the ancient and the last one say to you, ‘Come and drink! Everything is given to you freely, out of love.’ It is in love that those who seek to comprehend the reason for your destiny must seek the key. In love. In God’s unquestionable love. In your admirable love for God. By virtue of nothing else are you the voice, the spokesman, the little John. You have no other coin to buy with. But love is your coin. Love pays. God’s and yours for Us. And everything is given to you, all that you are envied for those who with the many coins of their knowledge cannot buy what is given to you freely.”

Jesus then told me something about St. Ambrose. But I could not write it down because people came before. I remember only that He said Ambrose, too, became what he became because rivers of living waters formed in his spirit from the moment He loved and believed in Christ and they changed him from a soldier into a great bishop, defender of the Faith, and extoller of virginity, “the flower in Christ’s flowerbeds” (I clearly remember this phrase as uttered by Jesus in praise of virginity).

After the people, there came a…colossal heart crisis. Three hours of agony from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. It is now 5 p.m. I am really unable to say any more in this regard. There is something else in me. There is what my Divine Physician said to me during the agony. But that is a treasure for me alone. I am sorry in regard to the lost lesson. But, since the Lord did not repeat it, I think He was pleased that it turned out that way.

The Notebook 1945-1950, pages 450-454



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