The Era of Peace: The Great Catholic Monarch

“Coronation of Charles VII of France in Reims Cathedral” by E. Lenepveu (1889)
The Earth restored on its Cosmic Axis experiences the end of conflict, war, and irreligion; Peace returns to the Land as the human race emerges out of a new Enlightenment, the Redemption of the human soul that restores the injury to the antique order: religion is established on its pedestal, aided by the strong arm of political power that gathers together under the leadership of the Frankish King, an Emperor, and of the guidance of the Pope, a Supreme Pontiff, the dispersed members of humanity into the Catholic Church of Rome. The Era of Peace prophesied in Holy Writ and Sacred Tradition is the millennial Reign of the Heart of Christ, the Holy Eucharist, among society which infuses a novel principle into hearts: the spiritual life of predestination and the cosmic Science of the Saints that embraces the Revelation of the Heavenly realm and the true knowledge of the physical world.


The species of man yearns for a global unity that respects the diversity of cultural genius and the unity of the race of the human being, a biological type of a Divine origin redeemed by Love and vivified by Goodness that came to a commerce with Evil, a prostitution of flesh, blood, soul, and thought, producing an order of civilization divorced from Divine influence, a creature correspondingly enslaved to sin and consummated in the marriage to the bestiality of its animality, the result being a living demonic form under human guise; a unity that is truly possible solely in the condition that religion triumphs over the human conscience and forms again the bond of its society. The victory of global Communism as the result of strife and political revolution serves the purpose of uniting humanity under Marxist atheism, a monstrous rule of power and of force, of mechanistic organization and logical collectivism, a period of Despair and of merciless Hate. Communism overwhelms the world erecting a transient, totalitarian State that ends in ruin and the catastrophe of a tyrannical utopian government that seeks to form the human individual into a Godless aberration that recognizes no law other than of natural survival and no force other than extremist militaristic power. The conquest of the world by the Red Dragon puts the existence of Roman Catholicism at risk, as the ecclesial structures come near extinction in the cessation of apostolic succession and the destruction of the princes of the Church; in a moment of intense suffering and extreme persecution, the Pope, Vicar of Christ on the Earth is struck and subsequently leaves Rome, an event that leaves the Eternal City without its visible leadership and the source of its certain unity.


The foundations of the Mystical Vine are shaken to their center, the Body of Christ is in a severe crisis that threatens its very act of existing, as the Light of Faith on the Earth – Rome – is extinguished, the Christ is attacked in His Divine Person and in the life of His Bride, Grace that infuses the veins of the Roman Church, is near death: in a moment of Mercy and standing as an advance of Justice, the Son of Man operates a Cosmic Miracle that ends the Trial of the new Israel – the Sign of the Cross mysteriously appears in the darkness of the day, from the Wounds and the opening of Jesus illumine rays of light that radiate towards the globe, the Terra, and consecrate it towards an Era of Peace. Men in their ferocity and the incredulity of their heresy beat their breasts in repentance before the Revelation of the Incarnate Word: Wars end, divisions cease, religion, the soul of civilization and of culture, breathes an air that is life and love.


“The Sixth Age of the Spirit commences with the powerful Monarch and the Holy Pontiff as previously mentioned and will last until the appearance of the Antichrist This sixth epoch of the church – “the time of consolation” begins with the Holy Pope and the Powerful Emperor and terminates with the reign of Antichrist. This will be an age of solace wherein God will console His church after the many mortifications and afflictions she has endured in the Fifth period, for all nations will be brought to the unity of the True catholic faith. The sacerdocy will flower more than ever, and men will seek the kingdom of God in all solicitude. The Lord will give good pastors to the Church. Vocations will be abundant as never before and all men will seek only the kingdom of God and His justice . Men will live peace and this will be granted because people will make their peace with God. They will live under the protection of the Great Monarch and his successors….” 9


“The Great Monarch will come when the Latin Church is desolated, humiliated, and afflicted with many heresies…” 10 (Venerable Holzhauser)


The Millennium of Peace commences after “the Kings of the East” have been vanquished by the Mighty Hand of the Cosmic Sign, humanity enters a new resurrection where the human person is illumined by the True Light that redeems the species revealed in the Divine Science of the predestined and the infallible knowledge of the natural truths of the cosmos. A novel era of Enlightenment in which political power is newly erected on the foundation of the religious authority of the Catholic Church, the proclamation of the death of the Republics of the world echoed by the Triumphant Ascendancy of the Frankish Monarch, a global Empire of rule that unites the nations of the Earth under the arm and the leadership of the Great Catholic Monarch, sent by God to destroy heresy and false religion, and restore Peace and Order to the Land. The Era of Peace serves the purpose to unify the divergent sections of mankind and present the Gift of the transfigured Kingdom of God, limited by temporality and Time itself, a foretaste nonetheless of the final, glorious, and supernaturalized Kingdom of God and of the Lamb in the renewed Creation, under the Heavens and the Earth radiant with the perpetual Day of the Eternal Light that serves as its luminary; an Era that contributes to the spiritual maturation and the intellectual lucidity of the human person in the elimination of invincible ignorance that prevents the creature from the comprehension of the Divinity and from the vision of the Holy Trinity, in preparation of the final Satanic trial of the apparition of the Son of Perdition, the beastly Antichrist who schemes to redeem man from the misery of freedom and form him into a monstrous abomination, fit for the caverns of Hell.


“A type of this period was the sixth age of the old world, from the deliverance of the Israelites out of the Babylonian captivity, and the rebuilding of the city and of the temple of Jerusalem, down to the coming of Christ. As God gladdened His people by the rebuilding of the temple and of the holy city; as all kingdoms and nations were subjected to the Roman empire; and Caesar August, the most powerful and excellent monarch, after vanquishing all his enemies, gave for fifty-six years, peace to the world; so will God pour out upon His church, that witnessed in the fifth period nought be affliction, the most abundant consolations. But this happy age will be ushered in under the following circumstances. When all is desolated with war; when the church and the priests must pay taxes; when Catholics are oppressed by heretics, and their faithless fellow-religionists; when monarchs are murdered; subjects oppressed; when riches are extirpated; when every thing concurs to bring about the establishment of Republics; then will the hand of the Almighty produce a marvelous change, according to human notions seemingly impossible. For that strong Monarch, (whose name is to be “the help of God,”) will as the envoy of the Almighty, root up these Republics. He will subject all things to him self, and will zealously assist the true Church of Christ. All heresies will be banished into hell; the Turkish empire will be overthrown to its foundations, and his dominion will extend from east to west. All nations will come, and will worship the Lord in the one true Catholic Faith. Many righteous men will (Beykirch, p. 140) flourish, and many learned men will arise. Men will love justice and righteousness, and peace will dwell on the whole earth. For the Omnipotent will bind Satan for many years, until the advent of him who is to come,–the “In respect to perfection, this period corresponds to the sixth day of creation, on which God created man after His own image, and subjected to him, as lord of creation, all creatures of the earth. So will man be now a true image of God, (in righteousness and holiness), and the strong Monarch will rule over all nations.


“The sixth gift of the Spirit, the fear of the Lord, will in this period be poured out upon the church; for men will fear the Lord their God, keep His commandments, and serve him with their whole heart. The scriptures will be understood after one uniform fashion, without contradiction and error, so that all will marvel they had so long misunderstood the clear sense of holy writ. The sciences will be multiplied and completed, and men will receive extraordinary illumination in natural, as well as divine knowledge.” (Beykirch, p. 27 – 29). (Life, Visions, and Commentary on St. John’s Revelations)


The Great Catholic Monarch is the prophesied King of the Roman Empire, reconstituted at the End of the World, at the term of the reign of the ten kings of the Beast, who held Communist power over the entirety of the planet. Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser, mentions this King of the Franks in his Life, Visions, and Commentary on St. John’s Revelations, revealing him as a necessary instrument of the Divine Purpose in Time; in fact, an Angel:


“And I saw (so, it is said, in the tenth chapter of Revelations, v. 1-7), another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud; and a rainbow was on his head, and his face was as the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire. And he had in his hand a little book open; and he set his right foot upon the sea, and his left foot upon the earth; and he cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roars… And the angel whom I saw standing upon the sea and upon the earth, lifted up his hand, and swore by Him who created all things, that time shall be no longer; but that the mystery of God shall be finished, as He hath declared by His servants the prophets.”


“This is the lofty description of that mighty monarch sent by God.He is a mighty angel, for no one can resist him, the envoy of God. He will come down from heaven; that is to say, he will be born in the bosom of the Catholic church. The cloud with which he is clothed signifies humility, with which, from youth upward, and without any great parade, he walks in the simplicity of his heart. The protection of God is also thereby indicated, that, on account of his humility, will encompass him. The rainbow about his head denotes, that he will bring peace to the whole earth.The solar luster of his brow signifies the splendor of his glory, his honor, his holiness, his talents, so that all princes will follow (Beykirch, p. 141) his example. The fiery pillars symbolize the vast extent of his power, and the fire of his religious zeal…


“The spread of the church over all countries will take place by the instrumentality of this strong monarch, and before the destruction of the world, Christianity will be preached to all nations of the earth; as this is foretold in Matthew 24: 4; in Isaiah 2: 2; and in Micheas (Micah) 4: 2. To this wide diffusion of Christianity allusion is made, when John is obliged to measure the temple of God.(Apocalypse 11: 1).” (pages 140-141)


The rebirth of the Roman Empire participates of the Divine Plan, an occurrence that realizes the temporal unification of the race of human persons and serves as an eschatological sign of the Parousia, a veritable Transfiguration of the face of the Earth operated by the Divine agency that uses political power and religious science to consecrate humanity and realize its social, cultural, religious, and spiritual unity under the Eucharistic reign of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Political power manifests the Kingship of the Godhead, an Eternal royal Title seated on the Chair of Judgement, that is, of Reason and Exactness; a symbol in fact, of the Goodness of the Supreme Being who reigns within hearts and over intellects. France, the source of the obscurantism of deistic Enlightenment, is that Eldest Daughter of the Church specially chosen to restore Catholicism and spread the knowledge of the Gospel in its universality to the nations, destroying heresy and schism, and proving a bond of healing – the Empire of Islam is uprooted, the false cults are removed. The Great Catholic Monarch bears Peace to the Earth, a man, an angel, a King of grand influence who renovates the peoples with justice, holiness, and Love birthing an order of life that lives the rhythm of Heaven. The universal Church is extended to the end of the Earth, the Gospel resounds in all the cosmos, and Creation finds its consummate reconciliation with God, in advance of its renewal and its ultimate form.


The Era of Peace is the age of the Holy Spirit, a Millennium of concord and prosperity in which rational creatures advance in the sevenfold gifts of the Paraclete, in the progress of the True Science of God, in the natural domain, the preternatural dimension, and the supernatural sphere of reality itself; motioned by Divine agency, the human persons are enlightened in the Wisdom of the Godhead making discoveries in the manifold areas of human knowledge, from the branch of wisdom itself – that is, philosophy – to theology, to physics, to astronomy and history, resulting in the achievement of preternatural interstellar travel, coursing the universe in the magnificent achievements of the Divine Mind and of the human genius. The Holy Spirit, “the Theologian of Theologians”, “the Eye of the Mystics”, labors a Revelation to human persons, under one baptism, one Faith, and one Love, the deepest mysteries of the fount of the Holy Trinity, for at the End of the World, man in preparation of the coming of the Satanic Antichrist, must attain to the realization of his own destiny, a clear cosmicity that renders him an angel in whom ignorance, that contradiction of the Divine Intelligence and of reason in man, is dispelled, and the human being reaches the totality of knowledge capable of operating the Redemption of a humanity from the tenebrous age of Apostasy that precedes: in the final end of Time, the human person penetrates into the mystery of predestination where the acts of the contingent become necessary as History ceases to be, and Eternity enters the temporality of the world; of his own free will, man achieves spiritual mastery and elects his own Master for instruction.

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