A perpetual day is announced according to which Time attains to the perfection of wisdom, and Creation realizes its finality in beatitude, joy, love, and Eternal Peace. Eternity enters the natural universe, in a cosmos that is transfigured by the immediate Presence of God, the radiance of His Glory which traverses the entirety of the macrocosm in a song of paradisiacal blessedness that constitutes the benediction of the Angels and of the Saints, of the Ancients and of all the people residing on Earth in the Heavenly and the Eternal City of Jerusalem.


The visible day is in reality, a natural manifestation of the material light, the created substance that most adequately reflects the Light, in truth, the Nature and the Essence of the Triune God, and is a period of motion that marks physical time and which occurs at the term of a movement of 24 hours; it is punctuated by morning, evening and terminates in the darkness of the night. It appears that at present, darkness covers the cosmos in its completeness, here, light is a mere emanation of the burning fire of the sundry suns and of the combustible power of the myriad of stars that adorn it as its sources of life and as its bright luminaries, interspersed rhythmically among a chorus of nebulae, constellations and galaxies, these majestic formations of material beauty. Light, carried by the luminiferous aether in the dimension of space, spans the entirety of the universe granting it the power of life in its varied forms and of rational understanding in persons; a material, voire, an immaterial reality that fills the void and provides the Primum Mobile with the capacity to impart motion to the universal spheres.


Theories abound as to the nature of the seven days of the original week of Creation, as to whether the creative day represents a period of 24 hours or if it merely serves as a metaphorical notion to illustrate the orderly operations of the Divine Trinity in its Eternal Plan. In reality, the latter explanation is the more plausible one, and can be understood to account for the fact that a day serves as an epoch according to which the Creator God creates the universe ex nihilo and forms it according to immutable rational laws measured in consummate Goodness and Wisdom. In his Summa Theologica, St. Thomas Aquinas notes that each day in actuality corresponds to an age of the comprehension of the Creative labor in the angelic mind:


“I answer that, On this question Augustine differs from other expositors. His opinion is that all the days that are called seven, are one day represented in a sevenfold aspect (Gen. ad lit. iv, 22; De Civ. Dei xi, 9; Ad Orosium xxvi); while others consider there were seven distinct days, not one only. Now, these two opinions, taken as explaining the literal text of Genesis, are certainly widely different. For Augustine understands by the word “day,” the knowledge in the mind of the angels, and hence, according to him, the first day denotes their knowledge of the first of the Divine works, the second day their knowledge of the second work, and similarly with the rest. Thus, then, each work is said to have been wrought in some one of these days, inasmuch as God wrought in some one of these days, inasmuch as God wrought nothing in the universe without impressing the knowledge thereof on the angelic mind; which can know many things at the same time, especially in the Word, in Whom all angelic knowledge is perfected and terminated. So the distinction of days denotes the natural order of the things known, and not a succession in the knowledge acquired, or in the things produced. Moreover, angelic knowledge is appropriately called “day,” since light, the cause of day, is to be found in spiritual things, as Augustine observes (Gen. ad lit. iv, 28). In the opinion of the others, however, the days signify a succession both in time, and in the things produced.” – Question 74, Article 2


The Godhead in Its Goodness communicated by means of the Word, the operations of the Creation of the world, particularly to his favored creature, Lucifer, the fallen archangel. The darkness that covers the birthing universe at the beginning is dispelled by the apparition of light, which permits for the material continuance of Time in the emergence of the day and of the night that alternate, to say that, each day is a revelation of the Divine Understanding to Its beloved sons of the mystery of His travail and of His creative Power; on the first day, this act terminates in the separation of the light and of the darkness, that is, in the separation between the loving angels, the messengers of God whose residence is the Empyrean, and the rebel angels, the demons who fall from Heaven to the realm below the Earth, to Hell, where Hatred exists. The formation of the sun, of the moon, and of the other luminaries stands as a reference point for the formal apparition of the day, which is measured according to the revolution of these celestial bodies in a period of 24 hours.


Millennia have passed since the rise of man on the Earth, and the day has continued its march towards its intended completion; the globe has remained at its position, the celestial bodies have continued their orbital rotation, the seasons and the years have maintained serving to delimitate the passage of Time, assisting man in his chronological recording of natural and of human History, and in his prediction of natural phenomena and cosmological occurrences. Obedience, has remained the order of the day, a virtue that has been practiced by these physical realities in accordance with the Will of the Omnipotent Creator, while in humans it has been disappearing increasingly, for the latter have receded in their capacity to heed the Warning of their consciences, an intellectual voice in the heart that reminds man of God’s necessary natural and Divine laws and counsels him on the rectitude of actions.


The Divine acts in their supremacy are in the time of the day, when the light that courses through the universe is visible to the sight of the rational creature, and which in its existence moves the soul to a sentiment of hope, a sensation of health, and a knowledge of Beauty. A dreadful Day that presents the greatest act of Poetic Love, The Poem of the Man-God: the Sacrifice of a Priest, the Immolation of a King, and the Death of a God on the Wood of Crime, an Eternal Day engraved in the memory of Reality Itself, in the memory of the light and of the day, that set cosmic turbulence within the silence of Creation of Good Friday marked by the Terrible cry that sundered the tectonic plates and quaked Jerusalem from Mount Golgotha as the God-Man surrendered His Most grieved Spirit; in truth, a Day that introduced in that act, a novel Theandric principle of Grace, the infusion of the lumen gloriae into the light of an Eternal Day amidst the darkness, the irreversible consecration of the Lamb as the Temple of God witnessed to by the water and by the blood, and as a matter of fact, the completion of the regeneration of natural light unto an Eternal Grace in a new Creation; in sum, the Wedding between Eternity and Time concluded on the Eighth Day of the Resurrection.


The day has succeeded throughout Time and has continued its march towards blessedness and happiness, a labor of intense struggle and jubilant expectation in which light radiantly strives to conquer the darkness and annul its Evil. Creation awaits the dawning of a new Day, of renovation and of renewal where the All is restored in God and the universe is perfected towards its final end, which is the Wisdom of God, a beatitude that supernaturalizes the world and renders the Day a reality crowned by Eternity, by the continual Communion with the Divine, a true adoption and Marriage between the Godhead and the contingent limit of finitude. At present, the Earth is possessed by a dark night, as the daily brilliance illuminates, darkness seeks to destroy and completely deprive the day of its light, creating a Kingdom of Man, a Kingdom of the Beast in which the seven bowls of the Divine Wrath whose chastisements are evident in the plague of the blood that covers the oceans, the seas and the waters, and the extension of material darkness over the totality of the globe, to punctuate thus, the reality that the Earth has become a Hell, a nether Kingdom of Hate, Pride, Malice, and Despair. The Divine Law regulates and maintains the day of human enlightenment and true knowledge in the human mind, and the complete reign of darkness is visible in the extinction of the lights and of the luminaries of the heavens, in order to signify the tenebrous condition in which a Godless humanity exists. In fact, it is a situation where the human race is absolutely abandoned by the Godhead to the demonic influence and the Satanic power of the Son of Perdition.


An Eternal Day is the promise of the Seraphic Revelation, a testimony of Love that grants Faith to spirits and Hope to hearts with the thought of Divine Omnipotence and the power of Divine Omniscience, the guarantors of Divine Fidelity and Truth. Indeed, the Lord is “Faithful and True” (Rev 19:11)

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