Darkseid: “You turned your back and I wrecked your world. I robbed your people of their powers, their hopes, their future, themselves. What will you do when your friends, your enemies, your lover, are all Darkseid? When there is one body. One mind. One will. One life that is Darkseid. Will you be the enemy of all existence, then? What irony that will be, Son of Krypton.”

– Final Crisis #7

In that process of self-affirmation that is at the origin of the modern revolt, occurs a definite transformation of the human person in the rejection of moral truth and the assertion of ethical subjectivism in the face of the weight of existence itself, the result, is a state of uncertainty in which reign chaos, disorder, and the desire to realize self-creation. For, in that grand enterprise that is the modern, secular, godless, and technological civilization, is manifested the attempt to celebrate human freedom: post-modern man is a god, who answers to no higher power, conforms to no objective frame of values nor absolute system of belief, and who displays within the burgeoning brain, the foundation of his pseudo-rationality, the power to create and form life out of pre-existing matter.

The modern rebellion against religious Revelation and moral truth leads to an intellectual nihilism, the destruction of values themselves; faced with the responsibility of the moral agency of existence, a compromise is revealed in which in reality the human being cedes his moral autonomy in the denial of his inherent freedom, for as scientific reductionism teaches, man is merely a biological entity that is at the mercy of the impersonal forces of his genetic constitution and the amoral influence of the environment, of society and of culture who exhibit the power to mould him into a definite type of creature: intellectually cognizant; tolerant of the multiplicity of truth and enamored with the diversity of life; humane and initiated into the cult of the body, the respect for the Earth, and the desire for pacifism; yet, superficially free for in reality human choices are ultimately dependent on neurochemistry, voire, determined on their electrical activity.

The soul, that antique intellectual presupposition and spiritual principle, disappears as unknowable before a human reason that is unable to comprehend reality beyond quantity, the senses, and the natural world – in fact, the spiritual soul appears as an epiphenomenon of the mind whose basis is itself inherent to the complex inner workings of the thought organ, the brain, that is responsible alike for the mental life, the emotional response, and the moral existence of the rational creature. As the truth of the human person’s eminent dignity is removed, the reality of freedom loses its validity. Here, man succeeds in truly liberating himself from past religious tutelage with its antiquated notions of metaphysical free will, historical transcendence, moral objectivism, and spiritual perfection. In his essence, man is merely an animal, a unity of material constitution whose existence can be explained in its totality under the light of the lens of a microscope, a subject under dissection reduced to its most basic component, the biological cell, whose activity is sufficient to account in all fashion for the miracle of thought, the activity of speech, and the reality of sentience together expressed in the sundry behavioral manifestations of human genius in its need for understanding, social and communal life, and its search for ultimate meaning in a Reason that would explain the mystery of life itself.

The Democratic mentality with its ideal of the equality of all men is based on a classical understanding of the human nature that recognizes its uniformity and its universality – rests on the last analysis on the residual humanism inherent in an etiolated idealism inherited from a Christian anthropological understanding of the human person and a teleological conception of the human polis whose foundation is naturalism; it is a comprehension of man that accepts for the possibility of rational, intellectual, and moral progress within the confines of a human society, as a matter of fact, it is motivated by a belief in the spiritual purpose present within History which is the faith of Enlightenment philosophy, a faith, for that fact, taken to its natural and its rational end – for it was divorced from the transcendent vision of Christian historical theology – in the dialectic of Marxist Communism, that philosophy of life that is at once Darwinian, Jewish, and economic and which has created for humanity an ideology, a system of belief and a conception of reality that would rival Roman Catholicism. Democracy for all its appeal for the human creature and its subjective propensity towards the exercise of moral inclination, passion, and personal preference is finally under threat by the materialist conception of man, for it rests on an agreement on the freedom of man, and in the last analysis, a society in which the triumph of Darwinian reductionism is celebrated, is one that is threatened in its moral foundations and its spiritual strength; a society in which human existence is continually reduced to the present life on the Earth, whose sole knowledge justifies the eventual adherence to the power of totalitarian Communism.

Communism propounds to offer a solution to an existential human problem, which is the existence of conflict and tension within human life, a natural extension in fact of the inclination of its apparent freedom, in the finite limitedness of its apprehension of moral choices and its determination towards economic activity at the level of the population. The Communist promise of felicity on the Earth, economic prosperity and moral justice, concerns solely the realization of the temporal domain and is destined to ruinous failure for its Marxian materialism is an erroneous anthropology that is oblivious to the spiritual dimension of the human person, and is based on a dialectic that is a determinism which in the end removes human freedom and by relation, the free association of individuals in the society, a notion that is certainly a pillar of Liberal Democracy. Herein, then, lies the error of Marxism since it involves an erroneous consideration of ends, in the definition of man as a mere material substance defined by its economic activity, is put in silence the unquantifiable area of the spiritual form which is destined to a supernatural end evidenced in the religious attitude and which is the fundamental impetus of the human psyche. The notion subsists, however, that the religious factor is merely a reflection of social relations, and of economic need; in this respect, the historical process which in the Christian theology of history is directed by a Christocentric principle is emptied of its intimate dynamism and is replaced by material dialectic driven by conflict educed out of the ineluctable potentialities present within matter itself. The end, is a history that is the product of darkness, for matter in the creature without the spirit exists in the dark and cancels its own thought; a history in fact where matter in its potency, and not thought in its act, is the main agent and the cause of change within the evolved animal.

The answer to the problem of the human condition, in existential crisis, is thus anti-life. Mankind has experienced of the spirituality of Charity in its intransigeant poverty and its paradoxical intolerance, it has been animated by its dynamic fervor the final source of its spiritual purpose and the reason for its faith in the progress that is possible for human potentiality, moral fortitude has strengthened its social bonds and Love has transcended cultural differences leading to the unity of a single Europe, of a common cultural heritage, and a shared intellectual patrimony, foundations on which it has built the modern civilization moved by a different rhythm of life, which is the love for the present life, the elevation of human reason, the re-consideration of Truth, and the affirmation of the self. Yet, the forbidden fruit of science has been tasted, a falsity based on erroneous philosophical principles, that of deism in which the Providential God abandons behind the indifference of numbers Creation to its own impersonal laws, that of naturalism in which the natural reality is the sole cause in the chain of being, and materialism where spirituality is canceled in the assertion of the rights of matter, in its attempt at auto-determination and at the achievement of the grand miracle of thought, of the self out of the chaos of disorderly motion; the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and of Evil has spawned wondrous fruits for the human race granting it the power to dominate the elements, alter the environment for good purpose but often for evil consequence, and hold power over the biological matrix, re-writing in genetic code the language of the soul, Reason. The result is a humanity that lives in enjoyment of the experience of private freedom in its manifestations as political liberty, consumerism, and religious tolerance and yet, paradoxically cancels that very freedom in scientific nihilism and the amorality of personal subjectivism, in essence, it is philosophical existentialism taken to its determined end: in the face of the finitude of being, man realizes the impossibility for animal concupiscence to realize moral perfection and compromises his freedom in anti-life, that is, the elimination of the self in the metaphysical denial of free will.

Nihilism presents the culmination of the grand historical tentative at finite creation, the power to create Infinite Light, whose miserable substitute is evident in the invention of electricity, that rests in the hands of finite being in an effort at the realization of self-creation, that process of determination achieved apart from Divine Motion. In the legalization of infanticide and of abortion is apparent this enterprise, a claim to the power of the creation of moral values echoed in the experimentations of a science that recognizes no higher source of ethical authority, in its disinterested pursuit of knowledge motivated towards the amelioration of the present life, of life on the Earth. Anti-life in reality is certain in the metamorphosis of the rational soul into the mechanical soul, through the adoption of the machine as the law of existence, a progression from the rationality of the spiritual soul to the logic of the artificial intelligence, a computer program that is not endowed with free will for it merely makes logical calculations whereas freedom is creative; out of the nothing of the Word, Reason creates forms and notions. It is the temptation of the will to power, which in the hands of finite being, is a destructive force of entropy, an Omega Effect, that erases identity replacing it with the numerical consciousness of an intelligence, a mind possessed by electrical activity ruled by the laws of biological determinism whose character is the inability to transcend the limitations of matter towards the spirituality of the saint.

The discovery of the mathematical equation that is anti-life, that is, Marxist dialectic enforced by Communist totalitarianism is a development in which Power annuls Time, meaning that, the quest for a scientific knowledge founded on false philosophical principles yields to the invention of an apparatus that opens the path to the illusion of divine power and the emergence of naturalistic theories that in the last analysis cancel freedom, which is an extension of Time in the soul, and hope itself, which is a rational orientation within Time, in an expectation of the future. In truth, without the Light of the Gospel which confirms free will and dispels nihilism, the human race is to experience a future that is bleak, that is, in the darkness of chaos, as the individual in the attempt at self-creation barters his moral autonomy and exchanges his personal agency in place of the amelioration of his temporal existence, a transitory experience of pleasure before the futility of an existence of conflict and tension that the celebration of freedom is not empowered to put to an end.

In the pages of fantasy, the search for the anti-life equation is the quest of the god of Evil, the tyrannical leader of the hellish Apokolips, who seeks to solve the problem of free will by its very extinction, by that act causing the elimination of the historical process, and of the experience of Time within the subject. The question aptly put, is a simple one: “Metaphysical knowledge or temporal finality”, in other words, the affirmation of the will to power that results in nihilism and the entropic destruction of life itself, or the subscription to a Divine Plan that elevates freedom to the suprahuman, and perfects Time towards the supratemporal, leading history towards the finality of Eternal rest. In the estimations of physical science, it is entropy that holds the final answer – yet, what is the true law of the universe, freedom or determinism?

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