The Power Cosmic

“Christ Pantocrator”


The deconstruction of truth that is the intellectual character of the contemporary period necessitates the realization of a Second Redemption, in an act of Divine intervention is the operation of a theophany, a cosmic manifestation of the Godhead who in His supremacy puts a halt to the course of History and the frantic direction of iniquity towards the emergence of totalitarian Communism, a complete mechanization of life assumed into the absolute authority of the secular State constituting the justifying end of all activity – in fact, the ultimate idol. The foundations of the cosmic laws are upset, an echo of the re-questioning of the first principles of reasoning that are the basis for common cultural existence and moral attitude found expressed in the post-modern Manifesto: “My self comes first”, a rallying phrase of philosophical subjectivism that results in complete nihilism, the destruction of values evident in the amorality of a humanity that abandons objective principles of reason.

The Cosmic Sign inaugurates a new age for humanity that finally awakens authentic belief and revives religious certitude which lay in dormancy as a result of the indifferent agnosticism and the militant rationalism caused by an erroneous epistemology that divorces scientific reason from religious faith, and separates human science from theological wisdom, a condition that results in materialist reductionism and intellectual atheism, a tragedy that creates a human intellect that in truth exists in the darkness, substituting the false light of human knowledge for Divine Wisdom. A day is proclaimed that in the end restores the true Science of God and establishes human understanding on the certain footing of sound philosophical principles, incarnate in the cosmic power of a unique being, a necessary agent of the Resurrection of the human race, who acting in the Person of the Incarnate Word poses as the perfect Teacher of humanity: a Holy Pope, an Angelic Shepherd, a Supreme Pontiff.

The Speech of God before the masses, the Voice that elicits in memories the remembrance of the Light of God, glimpsed at the moment of the particular creation of the spiritual soul, the Guide that perfects in Time the reasons in search of life-giving Light, sent by a predestined election to guide Israel into the translation of Time into the fulfillment of Eternity, itself the fruit of the immanent process of History moved by a transcendent principle; in sum, a Word spoken for the Last Day, that completes the Story and reveals all mystery in its entirety: the scientific explanation of the genesis of the physical universe in the manifold operations of the Divine Intellect; the beautiful creation of the angelic substances mirrors that reflect the Light of the Infinite and who in their intelligences impart motion to the spheres and assist in the governance of creatures; the Incarnation of the Divine Word in its complete Negation, its utter Reason for being, the continuity of its Power and the Wisdom of its Teaching; the Revelation of Time itself, and the mystery of iniquity and free will in association to its reality which finds its fullest expression in the emergence of the Monster, the Antichrist; in relation, the mystery of predestination presupposed by the perfect number of the elect which reveals the truth of the Eternal Law evidenced at the Last Judgment; the proclamation of the total doctrine about the Holy Trinity, a mystery hidden in Eternity that finds in the society of human persons, its corresponding image.

A Sixth Age of Peace and of Prosperity in which evangelical poverty responds to natural wealth and spiritual richness. In the elimination of intellectual error, the removal of spiritual heresy, and the healing of religious schism and division, a new unity is found that extols the centrality and the regality of the religious attitude towards existence, enabling the coexistence of the diverse cultures of humanity and the different nations and peoples living under differing climate and environment; a community of human persons, a unification in one Baptism, one Faith, one Religion, one Law, one Love, and a single common conception of Reality itself. The prophesied Era of Peace is the operation of a cosmic re-unification under the teaching Intellect of a new, Angelic Pontiff, a Word united in His Person to the Divine and the Eternal Word, in order for the preparation of the apparition of the Final Error, that condemned yet necessary spirit of corruption that abolishes freedom and serves to sectionalize the sheepfold into the blessed predestined and the accursed reprobate that live of horror and are in the death of spirituality.

The Power Cosmic is the re-structuring of reality, a Science that grants access to a reservoir of physical energy that definitely restores the cosmic order injured at the Luciferian revolt at the time of the Great Test. An equation in fact that proceeds from the most fundamental self-evident principles, whose possession achieves the virtue of necessity in its beholder, achieves the necessary annulment of the Sin of Lucifer in the realization of universal Peace during the Sixth Age, it perfects the freedom of the person and cancels the spontaneous possibility of Evil itself binding the Evil One to the Abyss itself, and translates Time towards the finality of Eternity. It is the arrival of the Divine Exactness of the Word, that imparts cosmic power to the believer and endows him with the capacity to alter his destiny in true freedom.

Jesus says:

“Let us gaze together at the times which, like a peaceful dawn after a stormy night, will come before the Day of the Lord. You, Maria, will no longer be there. But from your resting place you will delight in it, because you will see mankind’s struggle about to end and sorrow already diminishing to give time to the living to gain new strength for Earth’s last, short upheaval, before hearing the order that gathers it up in all its living and in all its dead from Adam’s time onwards.

“I already told you. My Church will have its hosanna day before its last passion. Then the everlasting triumph will come.

“At that time the whole world will know the Church of Rome, because the Gospel will resound from the poles to the equator and the Word will go from one side of the globe to the other, like a belt of love. Catholics, leaving behind the terribly savage struggle of which this one is but the prelude, weary of murdering one another and of following ruthless rulers, will turn from the unquenchable thirst to kill and the insurmountable violence, turning towards the triumphant Cross, found again after they had been so blind. Above such a great roar of havoc and so much blood, they shall hear the Voice that loves and forgives and they shall see the Light, whiter than the lily, which comes down from the Heavens to train them for the Heavens.

“Like a march of millions and millions of tribes, people will go towards Christ with their spirits and will put their trust in Earth’s only being in whom there is no craving for oppression or longing for revenge.

“It will be Rome that speaks. But not the more or less great, more or less lastingly great Rome which rabble rousers can win. It will be the Rome of Christ. The one that conquered the Caesars, conquering them without weapons, without battles, with one force only, love; with one weapon only, the Cross; with one rhetoric only, prayer. It will be the Rome of the great Pontiffs which, in a world darkened by barbarian invasions and dazed by their destructions, was able to preserve civilization and to spread it among the uncivilized. It will be the Rome that stood up to arrogant men and through its holy, Venerable Old Men was able to stand for the weak and sting with a spiritual punishment even those who appeared to be immune to any remorse.

“You cannot, you dissimilar nations, reach lasting agreements among yourselves. All of you have the same yearnings and the same needs, and like the pans of a scale, the weight of one nation’s good share is detrimental to the other. You live in order to always have the better share and you kill one another for it. It is an up-and-down situation which is getting worse and worse.

“Listen to the voice of someone who has no craving for power but wants to rule in the name of his Most Holy King, only on your spirits. The day is coming when, disillusioned with men, you will turn to the one who is already more a spirit than a man and who keeps just enough humanity to convince you of his presence. His mouth, which I inspire, will speak words like those I would tell you, I, Prince of Peace. He will teach you the infinitely precious pearl of mutual forgiveness. He will convince you that there is no weapon more beautiful than the ploughshare, which wounds the clods to make them fertile, and the scythe, which cuts the grass to make it more beautiful. He will teach you that the holiest work is the one done to give the brothers and sisters a loaf of bread, a garment, a house, and that only by loving one another as brothers and sisters can you no longer experience the poison of hatred and the tortures of war.

– “The Church of Rome during the short period of peace”, November 11 1943, The End Times as Revealed to Maria Valtorta, Maria Valtorta, pages 75-76.


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