The four beasts of Daniel 7

“Prophet Daniel”


January 25, 1944

Daniel, chapter 7.

Jesus says:

“Daniel is the one who has the same tone as John, and John is the one who receives and amplifies Daniel’s starting note. This is why, Little John, you like him so much.

“Like a fish in a clear fishpond, [Maria,] you are happy when you move in the atmosphere of your Christ, who will have His supreme triumph at the hour when Satan and his son and his fawners have been made forever powerless. And in Daniel you find this atmosphere. Isaiah is the pre-Evangelist who speaks of My coming into the world for the salvation of the world, Daniel is the pre-Apostle, the pre-John who foretells the glories of My eternal triumph as King of the imperishable Jerusalem.

“Now see how the signs of the diabolical ministers of the Apocalypse are anticipated in the four beasts described by Daniel. Commentators have striven to give these four monsters a historical, human meaning, but it is necessary to gaze much further ahead, and much further above. When you people meditate the holy books, arise from the earth, break away from the present moment, gaze into the future and into the supernatural. There is the key to mystery.

“The four beasts are the four errors that will come before the end, the four errors that will be four horrors for mankind and will beget the final Horror.

“Human beings were demigods by Grace and by Faith. Like eagles and lions they knew how to assail and crush the dangers of the senses and lift themselves to range in God’s climes. There the soul is joined in supernatural wedlock to the Lord in swift, frequent unions of fervor. From these the soul comes down to earth refreshed every time in strength, joy, and charity which it pours out onto the brothers and sisters. Then the soul hurls itself again, even more impetuously, towards God, because every union is an increase of perfection which is fulfilled when the joining becomes eternal in My Heaven.

Atheism tore off the eagles’ wings and the demigods’ hearts from people, and turned them into animals walking on mud and carrying over the mud and mudwards their heavy hearts all flesh and blood. People carry loads heavier than lead in their egos bereft of the spiritual wings of the spirit, weights that bend them, stretch them, cast them down into the mud.

“People were demigods on account of Charity living in them. By loving God and His Law, which is a law of Charity, they possessed God, and with God Peace, which is a main attribute of God, and with peace much universal and individual good.

“People rejected God’s Law to adopt many other teachings. But none was or is from God and so true Charity is in none of them. Therefore people, who by embracing atheism had changed from eagles and lions into mere human beings, by internal witchcraft bred themselves into bears, wild devourers of their fellow-creatures.

“But horror leads to horror. Horror escalates. It gets worse and worse because in their cursed unions with Satan, people – whom Christ had brought back to their nature of demigods – beget increasingly monstrous monsters. And these are the offspring of their error, as people sell themselves to Satan to have his earthly help.

“From the demigod human there came the human, from the human, the bear, from the bear, the new monsterblood-thirsty and treacherous like the leopard, endowed by Satan with many wings to be swifter in its harming. I told you people that Satan apes God. So he too wanted to give wings to ‘his’ creature, to Faithless, Godless mankind, by then Satan’s creature. He gave it no eagle’s wings, but vampire’s wings so that it might be its own incubus and be quick in its rushing to fall on parts of itself, victims of itself, to suck their blood.

“I, mystical pelican, have opened My heart to give you My blood. Satan turns people, to whom I gave My blood, into vampires that suck part of themselves and deal death to themselves in torment.

“Doesn’t it sound like an incubus legend? On the contrary it is your reality. It is not a mythical monster. You are the ones who, diabolically hungry, devour parts of yourselves, slashing each other’s veins, maiming one another and then producing new parts while devouring the parts already formed, steadfastly with something maniacal about it, something of a diabolical maniac.

Deliberate extremist power enforced all the way to crime, is the third beast. Since it is a human power, sold out to Satan to be more and more powerful, against every divine and moral law, it farrows its monster called Revolution which, by its nature, carries in the protrusions of its monstrosity all the ugliest horrors of revolutions, the social shipwreck of Good and Faith.

“Honesty, respect, morality, religion, freedom and goodness die when this monster breathes onto a nation its infernal breath. Like a pestilential emanation its breath spreads beyond the borders, infecting by itself peoples upon peoples, until it infects the whole world. On the scraps of the victims which it killed and tore to pieces, and on the ruins of the nations reduced to rubble, it is preparing the cradle for the final monster: the Antichrist.

“I told you people that he will be the son of mankind’s lust, born from lust’s union with the Beast. I told you. I do not change in what I say. What I say is true. I know it without needing to read it, I remember it without needing to reread it. It is written in My divine mind before which all human events throughout time unceasingly pass by, one above the other, without one hindering the vision of the other.

“The Antichrist will be perfection of Horror as I was perfection of Perfection. With his countless weapons, symbolized by its ten horns, by his iron-toothed jaws, by his ferocious feet and finally by his small horn, he will torment beyond measure those who, small faithful flock, remain My followers. The small horn [also] symbolizes the extreme malice with which Satan will endow his son to intoxicate mankind while seducing it with his lying mouth, having himself worshipped as a god. Hour by hour the Antichrist’s small horn will grow to put in his mouth to harm, his satanic intelligence shall grow to put in his mouth the most disturbing falsehoods, and he will grow to put in power as I grew in wisdom and grace, armed as he will be with eyes to read the thoughts of holy people and kill them for those thoughts.

“Oh! My end-time saints! If the living of the earliest saints amidst paganism’s persecutions was heroic, the living of My last saints will be three times, seven times, seven times seven times heroic. Only those fed on the marrow of Faith will be able to have lions’ hearts to face those torments, and eagles’ eyes and wings to stare at Me-Sun and fly to Me-Truth, while darkness overwhelms them on all sides and Falsehood seeks to persuade them to worship it and believe in it.

“After the forerunners of the Antichrist, the Antichrist himself will come. The antichristian period is symbolized by the Beast armed with ten horns, Satan’s ten slaves, who consider themselves kings. (Three of these – note well – will be torn off and cast into nothingness, namely into the abyss where God is not and so where Nothingness is, the opposite of God who is Everything.) The antichristian period will climax in the birth and growth, until its greatest power, of the eleventh horn, the reason for the fall of its three forerunners, and the seat of the real Antichrist. The Antichrist will blaspheme God as no son of man has ever done. He will ride roughshod over God’s saints and torture Christ’s Church. He will think, because he is son of [the union of] demoniac pride with human lust, that ‘he can do great things, changing the times and the laws,’ and for three and a half years he will be Horror ruling over the world.

“Then the Father will say: ‘Enough’ in front of the great chorus which shall be made in Heaven by the ‘noise of the great words’ of the saints; and the wicked Beast shall be killed and thrown into the shaft of the abyss and with it all the lesser beasts to remain there with Satan, their breeder, for eternity.

“I shall then be called by the Father to ‘judge the living and the dead’ in accordance with what is said in the Symbol of the Faith. And the ‘living,’ those who have kept life within them by having kept Grace and Faith alive, shall inherit ‘the kingdom, the power and the majesty of God.’ The dead of the spirit shall have never-ending Death in accordance with what their will chose to have.

“And there shall no longer be Earth and carnal human beings. But there shall be only ‘children of God,’ creatures free from every sorrow, and there shall no longer be sin, and there shall no longer be darkness, and there shall no longer be fear. But only joy, joy, immense, everlasting joy inconceivable to human beings. Joy to see God, to possess Him, to understand His thoughts and His love.

“Come, O people, to the Fount of life. I open its spring for you. Draw from it, strengthen yourselves in it to be fearless in the trials and to manage to dive wholly into it, into Me, the spring of bliss, in Heaven. This beautiful Heaven was created by My Father for you. There you are awaited by the threefold Love of the One God and by the Purity of ‘our’ Mother, and by those who, for having been faithful, have already obtained Life.”


-“The four beasts of Daniel 7”, The End Times as Revealed to Maria Valtorta, pages 115-119.


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