The nine concentric spheres move the motion of the heavens, from the abode of the Empyrean, in an Eternal song, Adoro Te Devote, that is perfect adoration and luminous Charity and whose influence is imprinted upon the physical universe. The course of the stars in the heavens, the rotations of the planets in the boundlessness, the habits and the behaviors of the diverse life forms, the inclinations of the actions of human persons, the direction of human civilizations are directed towards their final end by an Eternal Law, a type in the Mind of the Prime Mover. Light, this incorporeal substance, created after the formation of Heaven and the emergence of the Earth, is assigned in order to form life and impart motion to the cosmos according to the rational laws of the concentric spheres that finally results in the generation of Time.

Causality, is an immense chain in being that takes its Origin from the Divine Intellect, whose flashes of Light adorn Heaven and enlighten the clear intelligences and the good wills of the angelic beings; these beautiful creatures communicate the Science of which they are illumined to the movement of the visible Creation, that assists Light in the continuance of existence itself through the benevolent application of their angelic minds to the maintenance of the planetary orbits and the brilliance of the starry spheres. The totality of rational creatures participates of the Law of Eternity, that is the plan that guides the march of civilization and the formation of the stars, the conversion of the sinner and the Just Judgements of the Eternal, the falling of the rain drops and the physical integrity of matter in the electronic interactions and the chemical attractions of atoms. The Divine Reason is the Goodness whose presence is an Immensity in the entirety of the cosmic world, animated with a Law that is Light, Love, Reason, Justice, and Holiness that perfects matter and assumes rational thought into the divinized form of the Angels and of the Saints of Heaven.

Creatures endowed with reason, intellect, and will, find their finality in the glorious contemplation of the Divine Essence, a Communion of Love, a Contemplation of Truth, whose term is Wisdom, a complete fusion with the Divine that transfigures the rational creature in the absolute knowledge of the Trinity by means of the Word – the Teacher who enlightens all Creation – and glorifies with the lumen gloriae, the spirit in the angels, and the soul in the human persons in a glory that is reflected even on the intelligence, the agility, the subtlety and the clarity of an impassible and glorified body, a supernaturalized material figure endowed with the Light of Heaven – who is God Himself – that liberates the person from the confines of space and of time, and which enables to adequately enter into a rapport with the Divinity.

On the first day, the Speech of God is made manifest in the creation of material light, which infuses the Creation, formless at the beginning, with the virtue necessary for its formation, its distinction, and its adornment. Motion is evident in the spheres that delineate the celestial bodies as light sings its song of silence and adoration in the “first moved”, the Primum Mobile, that sphere which from the Genesis, encircles the natural span of space and bestows the movement of Time upon the macrocosm in a system of physical laws that determines the orbs of the stars in the void, and the rotation of planets, whose cosmic axis of activity is the very center of the Terra. This sphere, serves a communication of the Celestial onto the material, an entry for light to penetrate into the visible world, revealing in its luminosity, the joy of the Heavenly Science of the Blessed hidden in the mystery of God’s Omniscience: the Book of Life.

The Primum Mobile is enclosed in a grave silence. The global nature is the witness to the Revelation of the Godhead where Eternity arrests Time, and hearts are confronted in their fibers to the Tribunal of Divine Retribution, a Justice that erases the scales of rationalism from ocular globes, and cancels spiritual death, that is, the indifferent agnosticism of Earth, the dark autonomy of the Beast, and the imperfect self-love of Babylon, from the Light of the living Waters of the Divine Knowledge. A world in its chaotic cacophony and miserable progress in the face of Universal Beauty and stern Exactness, a true Examination of the marrow of human faith in the essential question of modern times in its Leviathan conquest of temporal authority, its usurpation of Divine autonomy, and its prostitute revendication of religious adoration: the Science of God, or the Will to Power?

A quintessential question posed within the depths of the creature, saved by Love, animated by Charity, enlightened by Reason that preferred the heavy weight of its materiality to the subtlety of spiritual heroism, the mental concupiscence of its defected intellect to the majestic purity of the Divine Reason, the rebellious autonomy of a malformed conscience to the powerful authority of the Divine Law, whose Thought is Eternity and whose Reason is Goodness Itself. In truth, a veritable Prostitution, the commerce as the Whore of Babylon that demands in reality a Second Redemption, a novel infusion of Divine Grace into the disorder that is the characteristic of the morass of the contemporaneous age. “Death to the supernatural”, a cry emitted on apostate lips that recognize no authority above human reason and that defiantly proclaim the independence of the Earth from Divine intransigeant interventionism and supra-normal activity, a concert of voices in actuality whose spiritual blindness and intellectual atheism prevents them from regarding reality in itself: the world, in its perceived darkness, which constitutes the pride of man is in reality maintained by an invisible Light that maintains the universe and has assigned a number, to the constellation of persons born since the beginning, at the fulfillment of which, the end will come and silence will reign.

A silence that reflects the glory of spiritual mastery and the beatitude of intellectual wisdom, of which the Era of Peace returned to the Land is a temporal foretaste, an advance of the Eternal Kingdom that knows no limits and no opposition – the Triumph of God over man, over the Beast, over Evil, over Sin, over Contradiction and over Error. Error, the ultimate fruit of the marriage between demonic atheism and beastly lust, begets human persons whose chaotic intellects deprived of Order possess rational souls bereft of their inherent beauty, souls that are intimately insensitive to sin and intellectually incapable of the comprehension of the simplicity of spiritual life, souls in fact that are no longer rational, that is, enlightened by reason, rather, souls that are moved by the mechanical logic of the machine: a Monster that comprehends Life only on the surface and which due to the deprivation of sentience and the loss of spiritual memory, has not the capacity to comprehend the depths of Love, the demands of Justice, and achieve the fusion of Contemplation in Wisdom – and man becomes an error, merely mechanical matter in human thought.

The Divine Science that disposes of the All in Goodness and with Perfection, knows the future acts of man and has in its Liberty assigned a place, a nature, and a purpose to each created being, even to the susceptible for reprobation; the possession of which can operate the Second Redemption of the species and direct humanity to that spiritual maturity that is to lead to the Advent of the Parousia, that ending manifestation which forms the conclusion of History in the completion of a Poem of Love commenced at the very generation of the Word, Yeshua, in the Eternal Silence of the Holy Trinity. Having reached the adult age, man is to enter into the Revelation of the mystery of predestination, found in the reality of iniquity on Earth; the advancement into true Peace on the Earth is made possible, thus, in the acceptation of the place foreordained from Eternity by the Divine Intellect in the knowledge of the future actions in time of human persons in relation to their co-operation to the motions of Divine Grace towards the destination of glorious predestination or the arrival of horrible reprobation.A Gift, granted by means of the Eternal Word. The human person having arrived at the progress of Civilization, has conquered the world, at the price of the rational soul, and above all, has annulled even his freedom – no longer is it the freedom of the rational animal, of the spiritual being, of the heroic saint, rather, it is the freedom of the animal that is able to form thought, that is endowed with speech but has not the capacity to maturely choose the Good in spirit and in truth. Man, is no longer free. Furthermore, man is ignorant, and the human creature is an error for having espoused the thought of the animal robed in the soul of the machine in the tenebrous dress of the nigh-invincible ignorance of God.

Silence, is the answer. The Primum Mobile knows silence as Creation awaits the Tribunal of Man. And of the God-Man.

Maranatha, “Come Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).

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