The seven scourges; Babylon; Waterfalls of grace


August 22, 1943

Jesus says:

“The last seven scourges correspond to the seven undescribed thunderclaps. As always, they are figurative descriptions in which, however, reality is not totally excluded. I explain to you [Maria] what I think is fitting in them to explain to you.”

“The first scourge is the ulcer.”

“Ever since Moses’ times I have purified with loathsome diseases the creatures who commit unforgivable sins against Me. Miryam, Moses’ sister had her body covered with leprosy for having ill-spoken of My servant Moses. Why shouldn’t the same and worse yet happen to those who speak ill of their God? The leprosy, or whatever ulcer it may be, is spreading more and more because you people have been increasing your sins against God and against God’s wonderful work which you are.

When you wallow in lust, you think you are not sinning against God? But you really are, because each of you defiles his own body in which his spirit dwells to welcome Me, the Supreme Spirit. And what stage is human lust coming to, carried out by a cool, conscious will? It is best not to probe into this abyss of disgusting human degradation. I tell you, [Maria,] certain animals used to be called unclean, but human beings have already outdone them and will outdo them more and more and if a new animal could be made by crossing monkeys with snakes and with swine, it would still be less unclean than certain people, whose appearances are human but whose inner selves are more indecent and more repulsive than the filthiest animals.

“As I have told you, [Maria,] mankind is splitting wider and wider apart. The spiritual part, scanty to the utmost, is ascending. The sensual part, extremely large, is sinking. It is sinking into a ghastly depth of vice. When the time of wrath has come, mankind will have reached the ultimate in vice.

“And you expect that their dead souls’ inner stench would not seep out and corrupt their flesh, which they worship more than Me and use for all forms of debasement? And as you people will bring about the ulcers, so you will fill with blood the sea and the rivers’ waters. You are already filling them with your bloodbaths, and the creatures living in the waters are dwindling, killed by you, which contributes to your hunger. You have trampled so much upon the gifts God gave you for your material needs, that land, sky, and waters are becoming your enemies and withhold from you the fruits of the land the creatures that dwell in waters, rivers, forests and air.

“You murder, you do murder, you trample on the law of love and forgiveness, you spill brotherly blood and especially the blood of the good, whom you persecute precisely because they are good. Take care, though, so that one day God may not make you satisfy your hunger and quench your thirst with the blood you have spilled, at odds with My order of peace and charity.

“You rebel against the laws I gave you; the heavenly bodies and planets will rebel against you. Until now they have given you light and warmth as you needed, as they obey the rules I have marked out of goodness for you.

“Repulsive illnesses as a sign of your vice; blood in the waters as a token of all the blood you decided to spill, including Mine; fire from the sun to make try an advance of the undying embers awaiting the cursed; darkness to let you know what darkness is waiting for those who hate the Light-all that to make you think and lead you to repentance.

“But it will be no use. You will go on falling. You will go on with your coalitions with evil, paving the way for the ‘Kings of the East,’ in other words the helpers of the Son of Evil.

“It seems as though My angels are the ones bringing the plagues. In reality, you are the ones. You want them, and you shall get them.

“When you yourselves have become dragons and beasts, for having married the Dragon and the Beast, you will farrow from your corrupt innards the unclean beings: the absolute demoniacal teachings which, by doing false miracles, will lead astray the powerful and drag them into battling against God. You will be so perverted as to mistake for heavenly marvels that which is hell’s invention.

“Maria, I will now take you by the hand to lead you in the most obscure point of John’s book. Commentators of John’s book have exhausted their intelligence in many deductions to explain to themselves and to the crowds what the ‘great Babylon’ may be. With human sight, with which the shocks due to desired events or events having taken place had something to do, they gave the name of Babylon to many things.

“But why have they never thought that the ‘great Babylon’ is the whole earth? I would be a really small and limited God the Creator had I created only the Earth as an inhabited world! With one pulsation of My will, I gave rise to worlds upon worlds from nothingness and hurled them, like luminous fine dust, into the hugeness of heaven’s vault.

“The Earth, which you earthlings are so proud of and so cruel to, is but one of the fine specks of dust rotating in the boundlessness, and not the largest one. Yet it is undoubtedly the most depraved. The millions of worlds which delight your eyes in clear nights teem with lives upon lives, and God’s perfection will be apparent to you when you can see, with the intellectual sight of the spirit reunited to God, the marvels of those worlds.

“Is Earth by any chance not the ‘great harlot’ that fornicated with all the powers of earth and hell? Haven’t earthlings prostituted themselves body and soul so as to triumph in earth’s days?

“Yes it is so. Earth’s crimes have all the names of blasphemy, as does the Beast with which Earth and its inhabitants have allied themselves to triumph. The seven sins are like a horrible ornament on the head of the Beast which leads Earth and earthlings to the pasture of Evil, and the ten horns, a metaphorical number, show the infinite foul deeds done to get, whatever the cost, all that the Beast’s frenzied greed decrees.

“Is Earth by any chance not soaked with the martyrs’ blood? Isn’t it drunken with this holy liquor which, being swallowed by its sacrilegious mouth, has turned within it into a potion of cursed drunkenness? The Beast which drives the Earth is the combination and synthesis of all the evil done since Adam onwards. In order to triumph in the world and in the flesh, it draws behind itself those who, worshipping it, will become sovereigns of one hour and of a doomed reign. You are sovereigns as children of God, with an eternal reign. But you become sovereigns of one hour and of a doomed reign when you worship Satan, who can give you nothing but a fleeting triumph paid for at the cost of an eternity of horror.

The Beast, John says, was and is not. At the end of the world, it shall be thus. ‘It was,’ because it really existed; ‘it is not,’ because I, Christ, will have defeated it and buried it because it will no longer be necessary, then, for the triumphs of the world.

“Isn’t Earth sitting on the waters of its seas, and hasn’t it used these to do harm? What has it not used? Peoples, nations, races, borders, the economy, food, expansion, everything has been of use for it to fornicate and carry out boundless slayings and Iscariotical betrayals. Earth’s own children, fed by it with sin-blood, will carry out God’s vengeance on it, destroying it, destroying themselves, bringing the sum total of crimes against God and against humanity to the complete number which demands My thundering ‘Enough!’

“At that hour the blood of martyrs and of prophets will boil again, steaming with an agreeable fragrance up to My throne. And the clods of the earth, which gathered the moans of those tremblings, will give out a great yell, made of all those holy moans. And the clods will quake with dread’s upheaval, shaking the cities and people’s homes where sin and murder are committed, and filling them with a voice urging the vault of Heaven for Justice.

“And Justice there will be. I will come. I will come because I am Faithful and Truthful. I will come to give Peace to the faithful and holy Judgment to those who have lived. I will come with My name whose meaning is known only to Me and whose letters indicate all of the main attributes of God of whom I am Part and Whole.


“Holy name whose sound crushes demons. Name of Life giving Life, Light, Strength to those who love You and call upon You.

“Name which is a crown on My head as conqueror of the Beast and its prophet who will be taken, thrust into, drowned and buried in, the liquid and never-ending fire whose biting fierceness is unimaginable to human senses.

“Then it will be the time of My Kingdom on Earth. There will be therefore, a respite from demoniacal crimes to give people time to hear heaven’s voices again. Once the force that unleashes horror has been driven away, great spiritual streams will come down like waterfalls of grace, like rivers of heavenly waters, to speak words of Light.

“But as people over the centuries did not welcome the isolated Voices which spoke about Good, beginning with the voice of the Word, likewise people will be deaf, always deaf-except those marked with My sign, My most beloved friends aiming at following Me. The others will be deaf to the voices of many spirits, to the voices which like the sound of many waters will sing the new canticle to guide the nations towards the Light and above all towards Me, the eternal Word. When the last attempt has been made, Satan will come for the last time and will find followers at the four corners of the earth, and they will be more numerous than the sand of the sea.

“Oh! Christ Jesus, You who died to save mankind! Only God’s patience could have waited so long, done so much, and obtained so little without taking His gift back from mankind and destroying it long before the set hour! Only My Patience which is Love was able to wait for you all, knowing that like sand filtered through a very fine sieve a few rare souls would come to glory compared to the mass which does not know, does not want to filter through the sieve of the Law, of Love, of Sacrifice, to come to Me.

“But at the hour of My coming, when in My capacity as God, King and Judge, I come to gather the elect and curse the reprobate, casting these where the Antichrist, the Beast and Satan will already be forever, after the supreme victory of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Conqueror of Death and Evil, to these elect who were able to remain ‘alive’ in life, alive in the spirit while waiting for our hour of triumph, I will give the possession of the heavenly abode, I will give Myself without pause and without measure.

Aim for that hour, Maria. Call it and call Me with all the strengths of your spirit. Here, I already come when a soul calls Me. Together with the Beloved who saw from the Earth the glory of the Lamb, Son of God, the glory of his and your Jesus, say, with your every heartbeat: ‘Come, Lord Jesus.’

[Maria Valtorta comments:]

In dictating to me, Jesus gives me to understand that when He says “Earth” [with a capital E], He does not mean the globe of dust and water, He means all people taken as a union of persons. I do not know if I can explain it well. When He says “Earth” [with a capital E] He means, I will put it this way, corporate entity, and when He says “earth” [with a small e] He simply means a planet made up of clods, mountains, water. The first is guilty, the second, innocent.

This is why He can say without contradicting Himself that the martyrs’ blood became a poison for the Earth that drank it (in its earthlings) with sacrilegious wrath and spilled it (in its government powers) with a blasphemous abuse of temporal power; whereas the earth-globe, rotating in outer space, respectfully drank the martyrs’ blood and lovingly welcomed their dying convulsions, and presents both to the Everlasting One, asking, maternal and compassionate, that they should not have been spilled or suffered for nothing and that justice be done to them.


” (“The seven scourges; Babylon; the waterfalls of grace”, a message from Jesus Christ taken from The End Times As Revealed to Maria Valtorta).

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