The powerful Name of Jesus

“Triumph of the Name of Jesus”, Baciccio, Church of Gesu, Rome, Italy

December 29, 1943

The Eternal Father says:

“Write, because there is someone wishing for it and thinking about it.

“Paul of Tarsus, formerly a convinced Sanhedrist and implacable persecutor of Christ’s disciples, then going back to the Light by means of a divine thunderbolt and becoming My Son’s untiring Apostle, at the Areopagus of Athens announced to the Athenians that unknown God to whom they had dedicated an altar.

“Now too many living altars are bereft of their God and could write on their religious nakedness at least these words: ‘to the unknown God.’

“They do not even write that.  They are weaker in their paganism than the Athenians of old who, dissatisfied with their semblances void of true life and not clouded by religious faintness as you are, sensed that above the false Olympus of their gods, to whom they had lent their own passions and vices, there was a true, holy God. With that altar dedicated to Him, they were begging Him to reveal Himself-with that altar on which there was not yet a statue or a name, waiting as they were for the divine Revelation to affix them to it.

“But you, you know the true God because I revealed Him to you hundreds and hundreds of years ago and, not content revealing Him, I sent God Himself to you, not for a deceitful apparition or a short stay, I sent Him fitted out with human Flesh and living in your midst for a whole lifetime.

“I, to that Perfection of God’s Perfection-remember, O people, that God is Charity, and the quintessence and perfection of Charity is found in Christ who took flesh to give you Life-I, to that Perfection that came down to act in your midst, have given a name. A holy Name willed by Me because in His  Name there is the epitome of His Perfection and of His outstanding mission. A Name whose real meaning is known to God alone. A Name before which the Godhead pulsates more ardently, before which Heaven with all its processions of angels and saints shines happier and brighter, before which the abyss shakes, and before which the forces of the Universe subject their might, because they recognize the name of the King through whom all things were made.

“The splendor and glory of the One and Triune God are in the thrice holy and powerful name of Jesus, because He is the Holy of holies in whom, as in God’s Temple, the living, true, perfect God is, as He is in Heaven, eternal and acting like a wheel that knows no welded joint and does not cease its motion for ever and ever before mankind and for ever and ever after mankind. Therefore, it is well put in the Book: ‘You shall not build Me a house, but your Son, that shall come forth out of your loins, He shall build a house to My Name.’

“The Son of Man was born of a woman of holy stock, a woman consecrated to Me. He was conceived by the will of the Holy Spirit without the burden of carnality, only by an infusion of love. The One born of Mary did not open her virginal womb in being born, just as in conceiving Him no one profaned that womb consecrated to Me. He was your son owing to His Mother, O Mankind, and My Son owing to His divine origin. He shall build with Himself the House on which the Glory of My Name is engraved.

“For We are inseparable in Our Trinity, and in Christ there is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Son is but the Father’s Word who has taken shape to be Redemption for you. But His self-abasement does not break the union of the Three Persons, because God’s Perfection knows no limitations and separations.

“How could you have contained God in a temple so infinite and holy as the Godhead implies? Only God could have been a temple to God and bear His Name without being irony and insult. Only God could dwell within Himself and make man-made temples alive with Himself, temples on which the name affixed by man is no longer untruthful because I Myself gave you that Name.

“Only God, O Christians, could have given you His Name as a sign of salvation over all the races of the Earth, that Name which the angels read on the foreheads of those who shall not die forever and will preserve them, by that Name, from the scourges of the last hour, just as it has already preserved from the second death the elect who in the heavenly abode sing the holiness of My Son’s Name.

“Woe betide those who deny that Name and insult it by replacing that holy name with the demoniacal sign of Satan, or who even allow the faintness of the spirit to forget It as though a corrosive substance were eating it out of their selves which have Life by that Name. Death, the real Death is awaiting those who refuse to acknowledge My Son’s Name, to whom I deferred all power and every judgment and in whose Name My Majesty complies with every miracle, just as throughout the Universe every creature should bow in holy and agreeable worship.

“Oh! Children of My Son! He brought His Name to turn purple with divine Blood on the steep slope of Calvary and to shine, the one and only light of the darkened world, in the darkness of Good Friday, so that it might be the warning which from the top of a Cross points to Heaven for which you were made. It has been shining for hundreds of years to continue reminding you of Heaven. And it has never flashed as much as now to call you to Itself in this wrath created, called on and yearned for by you, in which you perish in the continuous gurgling of blood and the demons’ laughs. O children of My Son, carve again with your sorrow going back to Gd, with your hope rousing itself Godwards, with your faith rebaptized by tears, with your love finding the way of Charity again, the holy Name of Jesus Christ on the altars of your Godless hearts, on the profaned temples of your mind. Free these and those from the semblances of rites which give you spiritual death. Put in them and on them the true God. Love, sing, call on, bless, and believe in, My Son’s Name.

“The Name of the Just One, of the Holy One, of the Strong One, of the Ruler, of the Conqueror. The Name of the One before whom the Father does not resist and through whom the Spirit pours out His streams of sanctifying grace. The Name of the Merciful One who loves you so much that He wanted to nourish your weakness, and wanted to become Sacrament in order to remain in your midst after His return to Heaven and in order to bring God within you.

“I swear to you by My Holiness: there is not, there has not been, there never shall be a name greater than This One. In It I Myself, One and Triune, am with My supreme manifestation of power and love.”

-“The Powerful Name of Jesus”, The End Times As Revealed to Maria Valtorta, pages 102-105

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