Twelve and twelve

The Holy Spirit to Maria Valtorta:


Twelve and twelve. This number was one of the sacred numbers for the Jews. There were twelve Patriarchs, twelve sons of Jacob, twelve tribes of Israel; and if there are twelve Commandments of the Law-the Commandments given by God the Father to Moses on Sinai (Exodus 20)- in reality there have been twelve since the Word of the Father, eternal and most perfect Wisdom, completed the Law and perfected it, teaching that the commandments of the commandments are “Love God with your whole and your neighbor as yourself,” for these first two and principal commandments are truly the living basis for all ten commandments, since the first three cannot be practiced if one does not love God with one’s whole self, with all one’s strength, and with all one’s soul, and the other seven cannot be practiced, either, if one does not love one’s neighbor as oneself by not going against love, justice, or honesty in any respect or in regard to any person.
The age of twelve was prescribed by the Law in order for a Jewish boy to become a son of the Law. And Jesus, faithful to the Law, wanted twelve apostles as followers because that number was sacred. For if one rotten branch later fell and the new plant was left with just eleven branches, a new twelfth branch soon appeared on the plant of Christianity, and the sacred number was re-established.
How many sacred numbers there were in Israel! And each with its symbol, which was later transformed to the new Church. Three. Seven. Twelve. Seventy-two. And, in the future times, there will shine forth the truth about the numbers which are still obscure that are contained in the Apocalypse, numbers which stand for infinite Perfection and Holiness, and Impiety which is also without measure.
Jehoshua = Perfection, Holiness, Salvation, a name with eight letters. Satana = Impiety, the enemy of the human race, the perfection of evil, a name with six letters.
And since the former is the name of most perfect Goodness, and the latter, of most perfect Evil-that is, measureless-each of them multiplies by three, the number of perfection, the number of its letters, and the former becomes 888, and the latter 666. And woe, woe four times over, to those days when Infinite Goodness and unlimited Evil will fight their final battle before the definitive victory of Goodness, and those who are Good and the definitive defeat of Evil and his Servants!
All the horror and blood there have been on earth since the Creator made it will be nothing in comparison to the horror of the ultimate struggle. For this reason Jesus the Master spoke so clearly to his followers when he predicted the last times. To prepare men for the final struggles, in which only those with intrepid faith, burning charity, and unshakable hope will be able to persevere without falling into damnation, and merit Heaven.
For this reason-since the world is descending deeper and deeper into the abyss, into nonfaith or excessively weak faith, and charity and hope languish in too many and in many are already dead-through every means an effort should be made for God to be more greatly known, loved, and followed. What the Priest-avoided and not heeded by too many-cannot obtain can be gained by the press and books in which the Word of God is again presented to the multitudes.
A word sometimes suffices to lift up a fallen spirit, lead a straying person back onto the right path, and prevent the definitive suicide of a soul.
For this reason God, who sees and knows everything about men, with the means of his Infinite Charity reveals his thought and his desire to souls chosen by Him for this mission and does not help to remain inactive and suffers on seeing that what would be the bread of salvation for many is not given to them.
Languishing souls’ need for spiritual food is constantly growing. But the choice grain given by God remains locked up and useless, and weakness is increasing, and the number of those perishing, not so much in this life as in the other, goes on growing.
When through truer, vaster, and deeper knowledge of Christ, when, through final removal of the seals over that which is a source of life, holiness, and eternal salvation, will a multitude of souls be able to sing the hymn of joy, blessing, and glory to God, who helped them to be saved and to form part of the People of the Saints?
With what words and looks will the Eternal Judge speak and gaze at those who by their will prevented many from being saved? In what manner will He demand from them an accounting of those who failed to possess Heaven because they, like the scribes and pharisees of old, closed off in the face of people the way that could have led them to the Kingdom of Heaven (Matthew 23:13), and, in both voluntarily blinding their eyes and hardening their hearts (Isaiah 6:10), they did not want to see or understand?
Too late and to no avail will they beat their breasts and ask for forgiveness for the way they acted.
Judgment will by then have been given and will be irrevocable, and they will have to expiate their guilt and also pay for those whom, by their way of acting, they kept from finding God and being saved.

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