The nine concentric spheres move the motion of the heavens, from the abode of the Empyrean, in an Eternal song, Adoro Te Devote, that is perfect adoration and luminous Charity and whose influence is imprinted upon the physical universe. The course of the stars in the heavens, the rotations of the planets in the boundlessness, the habits and […]

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The Cosmic Axis

Sin increases throughout the ages and has more serious repercussions and lasting ramifications as humanity progresses towards the end of its course on the Earth and the allotted time for the fulfillment of the enterprise of civilization. The pride of the human race in its affirmation of autonomy and determination from Divine governance produces ultimately […]

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The powerful Name of Jesus

December 29, 1943 The Eternal Father says: “Write, because there is someone wishing for it and thinking about it. “Paul of Tarsus, formerly a convinced Sanhedrist and implacable persecutor of Christ’s disciples, then going back to the Light by means of a divine thunderbolt and becoming My Son’s untiring Apostle, at the Areopagus of Athens […]

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