A Plate of Lentils


The Holy Spirit to Maria Valtorta:

“They become like this because they have renounced their primogeniture-that is, the highest filiation, the one coming from God-for a poor plate of lentils, earthly food. A plate of lentils is the replacement of sapiential, supernatural works, especially the Great Revelation, which should be accepted and believed in without half measures. A plate of lentils is to replace this with scientific books, which, no matter how perfect, are always books written by a man. They may thus seem clearer and certainly more comprehensible for those able to read the letter alone, remain on the surface of something, for those who cannot penetrate further because of their own heaviness. But they do not transform man. They do not lead him upwards. Inspired books, on the other hand, those books whose Author is God, for those able to read them, are a means of transformation and union in God and with God and of elevation.

All that comes from God is a means of elevation, transformation, and more intimate union with God. Miracles themselves, of different kinds-and especially the miracles of healing of bodies and spirits-are a means of transformation and union with God. How many of the incredulous and sinful were able to be turned into believers and redeemed persons through the wonder of a miracle!

Miracles should not be denied out of deference to rationalism-neither the miracle of Creation nor that of a healing of a soul or the flesh. Matter was brought out of nothing and ordered towards its sole purpose by God. A dead soul or one ill with an incurable spiritual disease was healed by God, through one means or another, but still by God. A body condemned to die can be healed by God. Always by God, even if He makes use of an apparition or a just person to convert and heal a spirit or of special trust in an saint to heal the flesh.

Let the rationalists manage to believe. Reason is a great thing. It is a great thing to be a rational creature. But the spirit is a greater thing. And to be a spiritual creature is greater-that is, those who know they have a spirit and set it in the first place as the king of their selfhood and as the most select thing of all. For if reason helps man to be a man and not a beast, the spirit, when it is king of the self, makes man the adoptive son of God, gives him a likeness to God, and enables him to share in his Divinity and eternal goods. Let the spirit, then, reign over reason and the flesh or humanity. And let a rationalism not reign which denies or seeks to explain what should be believed by faith, which on being explained-indeed, in the attempt at explanation-is damaged, and faith is damaged, not slain.

Let the rationalists manage to see. Let them put down the opaque lens of rationalism, which will be of no use to them, but, on the contrary, lead them to see altered truths. Just as a lens not suitable for a weakened eye leads one to see even worse. Those who lean towards rationalism are already weakened in spiritual sight. When they choose it, moreover, they place unsuitable lenses before their weakened vision and see poorly in all respects. Let them manage to see. And see clearly, and see Goodness clearly. See God in his continuous perfect action in maintaining Creation, which received life through his will, and restoring health and life where death is already certain.

How can those who want to explain creation and life as autogenesis and polygenesis deny that the Almighty could make even what He was able to create at the beginning, which was not even matter, but just chaos, and later there were only limited, imperfect things? Is it logical, purely logical and reasonable, for us to accept the miracle of self-ordering chaos generating the cell by itself and the idea that the cell evolves into a species which evolves into others that are increasingly perfect and numerous, while God is described as unable to make all of creation by Himself? Is it logical and reasonable to maintain the evolution of the species-indeed, of one given species as far as the animal form which is the most perfect because it is endowed with speech and reason, even these alone-when we see that for millennia all other animal creatures have not acquired reason and speech, though coexisting with man?

For millennia every animal has been as it was made. There may have been structural reduction and crosses whereby new hybrid races emerged from the first ones created. But over the course of periods and millennia the bull has never been seen to have ceased being such, or the lion, or the dog, that has also live with man for many centuries. Nor, over the course of millennia and in contact with man-whose gestures they can certainly imitate, while unable, however, to learn speech-have monkeys ever been seen to become men, at least animal men. It is lower creatures themselves that, with the evidence of the facts, contradict the lucubrations of those cultivating exclusively rational knowledge. They are as they were. They testify to the omnipotence of God with the variety of species. But they have not evolved. They have remained as they were, with their instincts, their natural laws, and their special mission, which is not ever useless, even if it may seem to be. God does not perform useless or totally harmful works. The snake’s venom is itself useful and has a reason for existence.

Let the rationalists manage to see. Let the lenses of scientific rationalism be removed, and let them see in the light of God, by means of the Divine Word, who spoke through the mouths of the patriarchs and prophets of the ancient Temple and the saints, mystics, and contemplatives of the new Temple, for whom One Spirit has always revealed and recalled hidden matters and past matters altered in their truth in passing from mouth to mouth. Above all, let them see by means of the Incarnate Word and Light of the world-Jesus, the Teacher of teachers, who has not changed a syllable in the Revelation contained in the Book, but, as Omnipotence and Truth, He knew everything in the completeness of Truth and indeed confirmed it and restored it, as regards its meaning, which was sometimes intentionally deformed by the rabbis of Israel, to its original form, which was the only true one.

To seek to add to what Wisdom has revealed, Tradition has passed on, and the Word has confirmed and explained is to add tinsel to gold. It is not the tokens of science that open the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven, but the golden coins of Faith in the revealed truths, the golden coins of Hope in the eternal promises, and the golden coins of Charity practiced because it has been believed in and hoped for that give the spirits of the just and later the bodies and spirits of the just their place in the Eternal City of God.

It will never be sufficiently asserted that knowledge is straw which fills, but does not nourish, and smoke, which obscures, but does not illuminate, and spiritual poison which kills, and weeds yielding the fruit of false prophets with new words and new theories which are not the divine word or divine doctrine.”

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