The Victim

Luciano Borzone, “Baptism of Christ”
In the Eternal blazing of Charity, Power begot Wisdom, and the Victim is born. Jesus-Christ, the Redeemer of the human race, is a Priest according to Melchizedek, in accordance to a Plan laid out from Eternity. The Divine Eye, which sees with perfect goodness all events in time from its Eternal Present, foresaw the Creation of the world, the freely chosen Fall of rational creatures, the emergence of Hate and the rise of Evil in the spontaneous election of Sin, the frightful struggle between the forces of Light and the powers of Darkness, the final rebellion and upheaval of Evil, and the cataclysmic end of all things upon the Last Judgment; and the Divine Mind directed the means to procure the Salvation of the elect and their victory over Evil through the one Christ, God-Man, Cause of all Grace and Antidote to Sin. At the proper moment of time, it was elected that the Son should humiliate himself in the subjection to the Omnipotent Father and that the Word should take on human flesh, in obedience to Divine Will, the God-Man would be subject to the confines of time, the materiality of space, the limitedness of a physical body that would expose him to the vicissitudes of fallen human flesh: the need for sustenance, shelter and sleep, labor and fatigue, and the powerful changeableness of human passions; to the point of undergoing suffering and death, and Death, on a Cross. So, the God-Man was born, grew in age and grace, taught with authority about Himself and fulfilled the Law and the prophets, worked miracles with Power, suffered the incomprehension of man, the persecution of the world and of the virulent temptation of the Devil, and finally, died on the Cross, a Martyr unknown to the world on the Wood of the Crime and on the Skull of the Sin. He died a Victim of Love, in a world of Hate.

The Innocent One, a Victim of Love, suffered the incomprehension of man as He revealed to the Jews His Divine Origin testified to by the sanctity of a Holy life, the Wisdom of Teaching, and the Power of miracle. And the world acted, comprehending the great Rabbi as being a man challenged in mind, and corrupted in morals. To some, He was a great prophet and a worker of wonders, to others a source of political sedition, a threat to Rome, to others still, a man possessed by a deranged madness that threatened to contaminate the true cult of Mosaic Law and Jewish religion. And so, He was struck by man, by the world, and by the Devil, the latter eager as he was to oppose the plans of God and maintain his power of captivity over fallen humanity.

But the Victim prevailed, Love was stronger than Hate, Light illuminated the Darkness, and Life conquered over the powers of Death. He rose from the bosom of the Earth, three days later to open the doors of Heaven to the strong who are able to conquer it by passing as little children, through the narrow gate and prefer the love of God, over the love of self, and of the world. And Grace was dispensed again to strengthen the hearts of believers, to illumine their reasons and confirm them in the Truth, and unite their spirits to the Triune God through ardent Charity. Christ had operated the Redemption of the fallen humanity, and cleansed corrupted nature of the Sin of the Origin and of actual sin, He had freed man from the bondage towards the Devil and purchased his soul in the Blood of the Lamb, He had reconciled God and Man in the adoptive state of sanctifying Grace and had again restored the principle of order in Creation through His acts as the God-Man, the celebration of whose Sacrifice on the Cross, is the Cause, the Reason, and the justification of the continuance of Creation in that perfect act of adoration that is the Eucharist.

In His Church, His Mystical Body, He has left an enduring testimony of His Wisdom, of His Power, and of His Charity. On Earth, this Church militates to assemble the members of humanity into a regenerate and supernaturally living Society of believers in order, through the events of History, to direct it towards the completion of the work of Creation, which is the achievement of the complete number of the elects as true and living members of the Chosen People of God, the Jerusalem on the Earth that continually hopes and anticipates the Return of the Christ in Glory in the Last General Judgment for the vindication of Wisdom, the final Triumph of the Christ and His Church over Death itself, and the renovation of the New Heavens and of the New Earth. History thus finds its fulfillment in the cosmic apparition of the Sign of Man come to separate forever Good and Evil, living in cohabitation on the Earth, and render to each human person its pre-ordained place in the cosmic order in accordance to its deeds, whether good or evil.

Since His life on Earth has come to an end, the Victim can no longer be struck in His Humanity, nor doubted personally in His Divinity. But He can be attained at in His Mystical Body, in the frail members and persons that make up the Divine Society of the Catholic Church. Though, the Christ, upon His Ascension, has not abandoned His Church but has granted to Her the pastorship of Peter, its visible Head, and the illuminating wings of the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, who personally guides the Pontiff and directs the authority of the Magisterium, the Enemy, like a lion, is ready to attack those sheep that are not willingly under the protection of the Christ, and who, feeding on the waters of the world, put aside prudence and wander away from the enclosure of the Church. The Enemy takes on many forms, electing to operate from within and from without the Mystical Vine. With his demonic mind, still endowed with angelic power, he studies over the ages this City of God and attempts to sow the seeds of division through pride and ignorance, to lead the Mystical Society to a loss of Charity through the introduction of sensuality and vice, to generate fear into human hearts in order to paralyze apostolic activity, the efforts at evangelization, and cause darkness to arise in the Teaching Magisterium.

And the Enemy succeeds. He fosters division resulting in schisms and the separation between the different organs of the Body of Christ, from the West-East schism, to the Anglican revolution, to the Protestant Reformation, to the multiple movements of the dissolution of Christianity in contemporary times. He succeeds in erecting new forms of Christianity, new faiths and new world views by using human power and human science as his agents. Through human power, he weakens the temporal power of religion by separating it from the life of society and creating a new humanity founded not on the principles of justice and law, but rather, on the foundations of uniformity and relativism – in the current order, it is man in fact who ends up at the service of tyrannical powers that under the appearance of democracy are operating the formation of a new human nature, a new anthropology based on an erroneous and anti-human conception of the family and of the human person. Human science plays a role, too. It has come to shape the understanding of reality of even believers.

“For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears: And will indeed turn away their hearing from the truth, but will be turned unto fables.” – 2 Timothy 4:3-4

Human science has borne a worldview that, in truth, negates the supernatural as a causative agent within reality, and that reduces the human person to a merely evolved animal that finds its natural function in the activity of materiality and its final end in the life of temporality; in consequence, it is man’s supernatural finality that is denied and his spiritual nature is objectively relegated to an authentic expression of his material desires.

The self, the world, the Devil still attempt to strike the Glorified Victim. With their heretical teachings, they obscure the truths of the Faith, and the truths of the Godhead, a repeated crowning of the Head in an act of repudiation of the Divine Origin of the Christ, a capital truth whose rejection has contaminated even members of the Christian believers, and of the Catholic faithful. These rationalists as they are, operate the Anti-Christian denial of the Incarnation of the Divine and Eternal Word in the Person of Jesus-Christ. Further, they proceed to deny the whole edifice of the miracles of the Christ by denying their historical nature, and even, the historical nature of the Gospels which record infallibly the teachings, the words, and the acts of the Theandric Messiah. With their carnality, they repeat the flagellation of Jesus: materialism re-affirms the animality of man, and deprives him of his sonship and of his divine resemblance in the select reality of his rational, spiritual, and immortal soul; hedonism celebrates the inordinate expression of sensual appetites as well as the promiscuity of the sexual faculty. The sins of the flesh in the post-modern moral attitudes, in truth, re-enact the flagellation and deprive man of his spirituality. Together, these enemies proceed to nail the Victim on the Cross again by operating negation: the negation of the virtue of religion, at the center of which, is the act of perfect adoration that the Godhead derives from the Sacrifice of the Mass, as Christ offers Himself to the Father as Victim of expiation for the sins of humanity.

From the Sacred Body, Blood drips. It is the Blood of the saints, of the martyrs, of the confessors and of the doctors, of the virgins, of the co-redeemers. This Blood bleeds more profusely when the children of the Church themselves repeat the Passion and the Crucifixion. When the princes of the Church, embracing the spiritus mundi move to celebrate the world, and its false prophets, its unjust laws, and its viced moral attitudes; when the Catholic Church in an attempt to appear up to date, and keep up with the times, celebrates the Beast, with its Marxist ideals of peace on Earth – a peace without Christ -, of equality between individuals, and a tolerance between nations that results in cultural, moral, and religious relativism, ideals that elevate temporal objectives to absolutes and extol naturalism as the metaphysical foundation and the psychological conception of their materialism. This Beast, which operates the negation of Truth and of Reason, negates also the City of God posing it as a mere social and political institution animated by sentimentality and egotism, a Beast which, really, seeks to completely conquer Catholicism in order to erase from man’s memory, the remembrance of God symbolized in the Sacrifice that the priest elevates at the moment of Elevation at Mass: the Eucharist. And so, statues cry, crosses bleed and the Victim is persecuted, tortured, and crucified once again, as His Mystical Body progresses towards the Abomination of Desolation and the abolition of supernatural dogma.

The Victim then, the Victim now. The Triumph of this Lamb of God is assured as it is already performed in the living members of the Mystical Body: the whole of Creation awaits, with anticipation and anxiety, the revelation of the Children of God, the renovation of all things in the Cross of Christ the Judge, and the restoration of Peace, Order, Justice, and Charity, in the New Heavens and the New Earth, the new Heavenly Jerusalem come down from Heaven in order to commemorate the Wedding between Heaven and Earth, Eternity and Time, the Lamb of God, and the Kingdom of God, Christ and the Catholic Church, His Bride; then, God having subjected all things under His Feet – the world, the Devil, and Death – God will be All in all.

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