The Holy Spirit on the Soul


“The soul is a particle of God. It is written:

“then the LORD God formed the man out of the dust of the ground and blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” (Genesis 2:7)

God blew life into man. Man, a creature of body and soul. Man was created for a two-fold purpose. The first, to live free on Earth in the contemplation of God within nature. The second, to live in Heaven in the blessedness of the company of the Angels.

God’s life is supernatural. The soul ought to be supernatural too. That was the destiny of man. He betrayed that destiny. By biting the fruit of the tree, he lost companionship with the Divine. The soul is the most beautiful jewel ever created, only the angelic intelligence surpasses it in beauty. The soul is simple, man ought to be simple. Your soul is perfect, your purity ought to shine through it. Through the soul, God derives perfect adoration. God wants animal-men to be changed into demi-gods. You are demi-gods when your soul contemplates the Divine Essence in the simplicity of the light of glory.

Be blessed! All the adorators in spirit and in truth, are blessed. Take care of your souls as it contains, a particle of the Divine. You are gods, if you follow my Commandments. It is simple: Love one another. Love is simple, as God is simple. Reject homosexuality, carnality, sensuousness, and flesh. I am Spirit, and I rule over the spirit. Your souls are your king, you ought to give it regality. With the soul, it is possible to do all.

The soul will save the world, only if men are open, to the Truth. What is that Truth? That God loves you, but abhors sin and evil. He wants you all as His children. Join His Church, there, you will find Life, and Love. I am there, waiting for all.”

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